Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Howdy Everyone!

Hello everyone! This is the BlackGargie speaking (though the pic is not drawn by me, but rather a symbolism of me, sorta XD). You may know me from my other site "The Mysterious Mind of BlackGargie", but here, instead of me blabbering about the dark side of the moon, we are going to discuss things on a lighter note, which is displaying my artie-farties~!

Yeah, I have a big passion for art, as you have seen of my artworks links in my previous blog page, which includes Deviant Art, Fanart Central and Hentai Foundry. So I'd like to display some of my favourite ones here that are not fanart, but more like works of my own.

Well, I will enter fanarts as well, but only the ones that I like best. The rest is all original! Well sorta. Neways, go on! Explore my page and see the wonder of my arts! :D

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