Friday, January 8, 2010

ALP Rocks My Socks~!

Thought I'd start off the new year with this entry.

Remember the comic strip The Roomies that I have been doing way back when, and that I said I did it because I was inspired by the comic strip Alien Loves Predator?

Well, I discovered it back then when I was still in university and it was friggin' hilarious! It's not what you think, for those perverts out there. It's about Abe (Alien) and Preston (Predator) and their lives in the busy city of New York. The main thing that impressed me was that the fact they had really killer awesome photomanipulation goodness to be able to create comic strips that make you laugh your sides off by using action figures and dolls with real-life pics for backgrounds. It's really that awesome.

At one point, the creator discontinued the series because they were working on a new comic strip series, so I was happy to have what my collection had. Then, out of whim, this year, I decided to check for fun to see if they had continued it, sure to myself that they hadn't, but I was proven wrong. They had recontinued the series with fantabulous new arcs! OMG! And they've already continued it since last year! I had a year's worth of comics needing to catch up!

But it was great. I can finally enjoy a good wholesome ALP again, thanks to my constant wandering impulsive mind XD And maybe if lucky, they'll inspire me to do another comic strip series like The Roomies again, since my fiance has action figures abundant.

Those who are interested, feel free to click on the banner above and enjoy some ALP laughing fun!

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