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Doraemon: The Rumoured Ending

While I was looking through my old collection of Doraemon, I was suddenly reminded of this doujin that I read online of a so-called official ending for Doraemon drawn by a guy named Nobuo Sato and published without permission, causing a settlement of quite a sum of Japanese yen.

Throughout the years, when the group of Fujio F Fujiko decided to disband, there have been many discussions on how they should properly end the series, but was never discussed and put to action even after Fujiko's death in 1996. Below are some of the possible endings that were discussed that I got from Wiki:

  • The first and the more optimistic ending was made public by Nobuo Sato several years ago. Doraemon’s battery power ran out, and Nobita was given a choice between replacing the battery inside a frozen Doraemon, which would cause it to reset and lose all memory, or await a competent robotics technician who would be able to resurrect the cat-robot one day. Nobita swore that very day to work hard in school, graduate with honours, and become that robotics technician. He successfully resurrected Doraemon in the future as a robotics professor, became successful as an A.I. developer, and thus lived happily ever after, thus relieving his progeny of the financial burdens that caused Doraemon to be sent to his space-time in the first place. A dōjin manga for this ending was made by a “Tajima T Yasue” in 2005, and it sold 13,000 copies before Shogakukan halted its publication. Tajima apologized to Shogakukan in 2007 and paid an undisclosed amount of money for settlement.

  • The second, more pessimistic ending suggests that Nobita Nobi is suffering from autism and that all the characters (including Doraemon) are simply his delusion. The idea that Nobita was a sick and dying little boy who imagined the entire series on his sickbed to help him ease his pain and depression no doubt angered quite a lot of fans. Many Japanese fans staged a protest outside the headquarters of the publisher of the series after learning about this suggestion. The publisher had to issue a public statement that this is not true. (This ending actually correlates to the ending for the series St. Elsewhere, which ended in 1988.)

  • The third ending suggests that Nobita fell and hit his head on a rock. He fell into a deep coma, and eventually into a semi-vegetative state. To raise money for an operation to save Nobita, Doraemon sold all the tools and devices in his four-dimensional pocket. However, the operation failed. Doraemon sold all his tools except for one used as a last resort. He used it to enable Nobita to go wherever he wanted, whichever time or era he wished to go. In the end, the very place Nobita wanted to go was heaven.
But since it was never officially put to action, they considered Doraemon a never-ending story that will live on for years to come. That's where the doujin came in, so I decided to showcase this for you guys to see. It's written in Indonesian, but translation is at the bottom of each page:

?: And now let us introduce our special guest. The leader of robotic technologies: Dr. Nobi

Nobita: Hello.

Dekisugi: Wow, Nobi-kun! The greatest founder of technology and the pride of Japan. Amazing, isn't it?

Suneo: Not as amazing as you, President Dekisugi

Giant: Isn't Nobita coming back from overseas? We should get in touch with him.

Suneo: You're right. It's been a while since we gathered together.

Dekisugi: No. That's not necessary. Today I want to discuss something with you. Do you still remember...Doraemon?

Suneo: ...Isn't it obvious that we can never forget him?

Giant: That guy...suddenly running back to the future...Doraemon...After all that we've been through, I thought we were best buds! That bastard! Just running off like this without a word!

Suneo: Calm down, forget about that...

Dekisugi: His sudden disappearance is something we have to face. But on the other hand, it's about Nobita. Have you ever heard of the "Time Paradox"?

Nobita: Doraemoooooooooooon! Borrow me that thing I used to have the last time! I really cannot stand that Giant any longer! Hey! What's wrong with you, Doraemon? Say something. Hey, Doraemon. Are you teasing me too? Or are you mad at me? Hey, Doraemon! I'm talking to you!

Nobita: ...Doraemon?

Dorami: Ummm...

Nobita: How is it, Dorami? Doraemon's not moving at all. He's been like this since just now, and hasn't changed since.

Dorami: It seems like his batteries have run out.

Nobita: His batteries ran out? So that's how it is. Well, hurry up and change it then.

Dorami: It's not that simple. Old version cat robots like my brother are supposed to have memory support circuits in his ears during times of battery change, but since he doesn't have any ears, he no longer has that support anymore. In other words, if his batteries are replaced, his memories will be erased forever, including the ones of you!

Nobita: WHAT?! DORAEMON WILL LOSE HIS MEMORIES?! I-I don't understand! He's just running out of batteries, isn't he?! If it's replaced, he should be fine, right?!

Dorami: Calm down, Nobita. All robots need energy. And even the most advanced robots can only store the most important memories, just like humans do...

Nobita: Enough! I'll take him to the factory in the future myself!

Dorami: Nobita!


Dorami: You can't do that anymore. Interference between your timeline and ours are prohibited. When I had a bad premonition, I have tried to come over, but I was stopped by the time police. They don't even want to listen to my pleas! This has never happened before!

Nobita: Then what am I supposed to do?!

Nobita: What if I put his ears back on? His memories will return, right? He must have some gadget in his pocket for me to do so, right?

Dorami: You know that once my brother stops functioning, so will his pocket. I'm not sure if we can even proceed with such detailed modifications...

Nobita: Then call in the creator, then!

Dorami: I'm afraid the biodata of the creator is top secret. It's been highly classified and protected. Even my memories have been altered to protect that secret. Nobita...They're going to tap in to this monitor broadcast soon. Right now, we have only 2 choices. First, bring my brother to the factory in the future to replace his batteries. If we move fast, we can still get past the time police. Even though his memories are wiped out, I'm sure you can live with him again. Second, we must wait for someone from the future who can fully restore him.

Mrs. Nobi: Nobita, Doraemon! Dinner's ready!

Mr. Nobi: What's wrong?

Mrs. Nobi: They're not answering. Are they having a fight?

Nobita: .....Doraemon. You still remember the first time we met?

Nobita: It was during the New Year, right? I was so shocked at the time. You were like popping outta nowhere and said, "You're so troublesome, ne?" We've been to so many places...The future, the past...Not to mention the weird ones...Atlantis, outer space...We've had countless dangers, and you always seem to be useless when you panic. Every time I get bullied, you think of it as if it's your own problem...I never told you truthfully, but I felt so lucky. We also always fight over the smallest things! But in the end, we always get back together, right? Hey, say something, Doraemon! Just one word...Doraemon...Ugh...I beg you...Say something...

Dorami: ...Alright. I understand. I know you would never want my brother's memories of you to just disappear like that...Thank you. I'm grateful to have met you, Nobita. One day, there will be someone who can fix my brother. I'm sure of it.

Nobita: I...


Shizuka: Nobita! You're amazing! You got first for the national exams!

Dekisugi: That was close, Nobita. Now no one can top your score.

Nobita: Thanks. But it's not the scores that I want. I need knowledge. Much, much more knowledge. I still need to work hard.

Shizuka: Don't force yourself too much. You'll get sick. We haven't been to the hill behind the school for a while. Let's go have a picnic there!

Nobita: Thanks, Shizuka, but there are still more analysis I need to complete.

Kya!! It's Nobita! Nobita! Kya!!

Dekisugi: Nobita...He really has changed, huh?

Shizuka: No! That's not true! Nobita may be weak, clumsy, careless, a Peeping Tom and not malleable, but when he does something, he does it with all his heart. He also pays attention to people around him, and even though he's worse off, he keeps smiling! He's strong! Ever since Doraemon left, he's been forcing himself without complaint, bottling it all up inside! I understand his feelings! Nobita...Nobita is...

Dekisugi: Shi...Shizuka...?

Shizuka: I will make him go picnicking with me! Even if it kills me! Nobita~!!

Suneo: "Time Paradox"? The theory of time-travel contradictions due to actions that potentially change the past?

Dekisugi: Exactly, Suneo. Right now, our human race is at a standstill, isn't it? Compared to what Doraemon had shown us when we were kids, human development right now is too slow.

Giant: Oh yes, right. When we were kids, we often daydream that once we're adults, travelling through space would be a walk in the park.

Suneo: That's right! Going places with the Door to Anywhere, machines that serve food at the touch of a button, even robot servants, right?

Dekisugi: Yes, I thought of that too. That's why, as an observer, I kept on going, seriously and carefully, so that all this will become a reality, waiting for the day the "Doraemon Era" would emerge. So much in fact, that I've never joined any of your summer vacations. Do you realize that?

Giant: Dekisugi?

Dekisugi: Tonight, a discovery that will bring the entire human race to this new era in one giant leap will be done by one man. Because this is a high-risk factor that will change history and time as we know it, parties from the future reminded me that, as the most important figure in the world at this time, any interference with this discovery is prohibited.

Giant: Hey...Are you sure it's alright for you to tell us all this?

Suneo: You mean that man will be...

Dekisugi: When he was young, he made a promise...And in the end, I understood. He hadn't changed a bit...There's no doubt about it. This is a "time paradox", but in reality, this ambition and dream of the entire world was thrust into him 35 years ago.

Shizuka: ---Honey?

Nobita: Shizuka, can you come here a moment?

Shizuka: Didn't you say this place is dangerous and that I can never come in? Honey...Nobita? Dora...emon...

Nobita: I'm gonna turn him on now...

This sort of thing is good...I wish I could do it...

Doraemon: Nobita! Have you finished your homework?

Tthat sort of dream, this sort of dream, I have many of them but...All of them, all of them, all of them, He grants my dreams. He grants my dreams with a mysterious pocket...I want to fly freely in the sky

(Here! Bamboo-copter!)

Ah ah ah, I love you very much, Doraemon! I love you very much, Doraemon!

(Italics are actually exerpts from the main theme song)

There you have it. Isn't it just a real tear-jerker. If it had ever been actually made an ending for Doraemon, I would love it to be like this

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