Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zeitgeist Preview Arts

My friend and I, who goes by the codename Mimeme for privacy (and shyness) reasons, have been collaborating on writing an IZ fanfic. She has two in mind: a main one and an AU one that are snippets that sets the main one in motion. I'm co-authoring the AU part, mainly because she's borrowing my IZ OC Majara and a few others for the AU part.

Here, with her permission, I feature some of her doodles based on the fanfic.

Concept art of Dib and Gaz

My most favourite scene in which she doodled the POV of Twik after his smeeby was a failure

Concept art of Deez and Taz, lovechild of Gaz/Zim

The Tallest with their young smeets groomed to be the next in line for the Tallest

Short doodle of Dib and Zim arguing, which brought back Zim's old wounds

Concept art of the new generation of Pak-less Irkens

More concept art of the Pakless Irkens at a younger age

Concept art again of Dib and Gaz

My OC Majara, revamped by her, which is pretty awesome, ftw
My OC Majara in her human disguise. Way better than I have imagined X3

One of the early scenes of Chapter 1 of the main fic

Tallest Purple being one of those "Who's my cute smeet~? Yes, you are~! Yes, you are~!" Daddies XD

The enemy our IZ gang will face in the main fic, the Navokai, which is a sort of parasitic drone that inhibits people, both human and Irkens alike

Doodle scene of the battle at the end of the main fic

Super sad death scene, the end game of the main fic [oh noes~! spoilers~!]

There you have it. So totally look forward to our upcoming (tentative title) Zeitgeist!

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