Thursday, June 16, 2005

J-Girl Returns: Love Affair with the Warden


This comic is actually a sequel to my very first superhero comic J-MAN+J-GIRL after I was inspired by a classic (but crappily animated) local TV cartoon from my hometown, using Alex Benjone, my Sidek Bros OC created by my sempai years ago when I got her hooked on the Sidek Bros manga, but as much as I wanted to draw it, I kinda lost my motivation after I graduated from high school, making room for new comics

Summary for J-MAN+J-GIRL (which sadly would've been in my possession if it weren't for inconsiderate borrowers):
Alex Benjone and Marmalade Chan were patients in a mental asylum. But when Alex and Marmalade accidentally opened a container filled with radioactive rays and spiced up their genes, their lives took a sharp turn and before they knew it, they turned into lean, mean, crime-fighting machines.

Summary for this comic:
A sequel to the most lovable superhero in the world, J-Man, as J-Girl returned to the mental asylum as she promised 10 years ago with Mike the warden whom she loved. Unfortunately, he was being reassigned to another asylum in England and when she got there, she found out that Mike had an accident with one of the patients and had suffered a serious head injury, causing him to have amnesia. Now J-Girl had to deal with losing her powers as she grew older, trying to revive Mike’s memory and training her brother Aaron Benjone a.k.a. J-Boy who had inherited her father’s super powers.

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