Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Jones Family


A comic (sorta doujin) I did as a collab with my sempai when she wanted to do a complete family background story of her Sidek Bros OC Alex Benjone, which in turn she let me use the characters and be the script writer of the story while I drew the comic according to her script, and she let me add in Misbun as a crossover character. Unfortunately she graduated and had her own life, so the script was halted and cancelled indefinitely, so I had no material to go on and it was left stagnant T_T

The script was of the Jones family and the 6 sons Ben, Ven, Len, Ken, Ien and Bun and their spice-of-life adventures as they try to cope with the ups and downs of teenage life, including romance, conflicts and family troubles, among other things

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