Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Story Collection


This is a sorta Mary-Sue doujin I did in high school

In this story, as I am the main character, instead of meeting the hero Tamahome, I met my dream prince Chichiri and am not sure about his true feelings for me. As we continue to search for all the Suzaku seishi, the story would unfold into a cool web of romance and deception.

As usual, I am the main character and the story takes me to a time of sadness and tragic. I’ve failed my exams, I didn’t get a job, my parents divorced and I ran away from home because I couldn’t stand their different expectations, my friends avoid me…it’s like my life was pretty much like crap. When I decided to commit suicide, that’s when Doraemon came out of nowhere and saved me. With his gadgets, he took me through space and time to a whole new dimension where I could start my life anew and face new challenges in new environments.

This time this story shows how soul mates and best friends can become lovers. What started out as best friends soon turned to lovers when Ben has saved me from a stupid suicide attempt.

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