Thursday, June 30, 2005

Police Cadet Tales Series


This is a crossover Mary-Sue-ish doujin that I drew based on me and my friends in a Jigoku Sensei Nube/Sidek Bros/Gargoyles crossover thingy.

Summary of the doujin:
It’s a story between love, hate and a fight for justice as 4 police colleagues: Judith, Ken, Peter and Hazeline and their inspector, Jennifer had logged on a case of mysterious killings that have been constantly occurring in the sweet town of Labuan, Sabah which led them a strange gargoyle clan who were cursed in stone for a thousand years.
Summary of this piece:
Conan (Judith and Ken’s son), Keiko & Kimura (Jennifer and Nube’s kids) and Daewoo & Orwell (Hazeline and Peter’s kids) together with the gargies Goliath, Brooklyn, Hudson and Lexington (Misbun and Mei Lin’s kids) must help Mujako, an alien from Planet Fantasy bring down the insolent demon King Cancer bent on world domination and restore peace once again. Sequel to Police Cadet Tales

Summary of this comic:
Peace has been restored once again, or hasn’t it? Conan, Keiko, Kimura, Daewoo and Orwell were now fully grown teenagers and 5 years has passed since King Cancer died, but not his faithful subject and his only heir, Black Diamond. Look out as the teens have to battle with the supernatural forces of nature, bear the loss of the gargoyles and cope with their love life. Final sequel to Police Cadet Tales Trilogy

If I had finished this one, the Police Cadet Tales series would've been a quadrology instead of a trilogy, but sadly this never made it past the beginning... T_T

Summary of this comic:
The planned real sequel finale of the original Hikayat Kadet Polis trilogy where everything takes place in the 30th century with Arex Suzuki a.k.a. Blue Rex (Judith and Ken’s great grandson), Georgio & Peggiana McKlien a.k.a. Cyber Pets (Hazeline and Peter’s great grandkids) and Sheindo & Sheino Kaito a.k.a. Double Trouble (Jennifer and Nube’s great grandkids) together with the heir of the gargoyles Xavier, Xaxon, Xemonia and Xeeks as they battled the resurrected King Cancer using their latest Soldier of Fortune—a half-robot-half-gargoyle named Jjobe.

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