Thursday, June 16, 2005

Zack, Eddy and Sam


I used to draw this as a mini-series for an old crush of mine until I graduated from grade school and never saw him again, and in his memory I had wanted to reboot this comic into a full-fledged one-shot comic, but then I lost my motivation

Summary of the comic:
Earth, which was once filled with life, now became a waste dump after the nuclear war. But every death comes with a new life as the nuclear chemicals mixed with human blood got soaked into all the inanimate objects and brought them all to life. Soon a new civilization was born and life was peaceful until one day, another civilization of the same inanimate objects which were hibernating deep in the core of Earth awoke and planned on world conquest. It’s up to Zack, a plate, and the rest of his gang to bring them down once and for all!

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