Monday, September 23, 2013

Sidek Bros-Genocide

This is based on a nightmare I had:

The family watched in horror as Sidek finally stopped hitting his son.

They thought Bun was going to get his usual beating for disobeying his father.

They thought he was going to receive his punishment and be over with it.

They never thought Sidek would reach for the bamboo cane instead of the usual rattan stick.

They never thought that the father would strike him again and again, despite the mother's pleas, the granduncle holding him back, and the kids' yell for him to stop.

They never thought that one strike from that hard bamboo cane would immediately snuffed the light out of the young boy of barely 16.

None of them had expected it would come to this.


Everyone stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do.

Mrs. Sidek cried pools of silent tears of horror. Wak was at loss of words. The bros and the sister were too drawn in horror at the sight of their dead brother to even move an inch. Even Sidek, with his bloodshot eyes and pale face as the realization of what he had done hit him, was mortified.

Everyone wished this was just a nightmare. That if they wake, everything will be back to where it used to be, without Bun's dead body on the ground.

But it wasn't a nightmare. It was real. And as the reality sunk in to everyone, they could only hear in disbelief at Sidek's trembling words that broke the silence:

"No one must know of this. You understand?"

Yeah, that's how my nightmare was...

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