Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: 67 Percent

The Crying Traveler
"Stay still, Nakh!"

Nakh grumbled as he let Kal have his way with him. Kal carried on snipping away using the garden shears. The hair that were snipped and fell to the ground were collected and played at by the twins Kito and Raito while Elly watched in wonder.

"How far have you gone, Kal?" Kita asked as he held a handful of Nakh's hair for Kal to cut.

"I've done about 67% now. Still more to go."

"Why am I agreeing to do this?" Nakh growled.

"Coz...he's your wife?" Rai chuckled.

Nakh rolled his eyes, wishing it'll be over soon.


Love of the Damned
"What are you guys hovering around the PC for?"

Thilius, Leon and Eli looked mischievously at Faira who just came back from jogging.

"Oh, you know. Things," Thilius grinned.

"We've stumbled upon a great website with great downloads," Leon chirped, with Eli nodding in agreement.

"Lemme guess. Porn again?" Faira groaned knowingly.

"Not just porn, Fai," Thilius stressed. "Gay porn! Best of the best!"

"67% downloaded now," Leon announced.

Faira sighed in defeat as he left the hormone-crazed boys to do their thing. It was a lost cause to fight anyways.



Nakh sometimes have a hard time managing his big-ass hairstyle, so usually once it gets a little too long, Kalana would arm himself with something sharp to hack them all off till it's about shoulder length. Nakh would protest saying that keeping long hair is a giant's age-old tradition, but he'll lose the battle almost always to his cherry neways.

Eli is short for Elijah Thames. He is the first and only husband Leon had ever married with. Leon had many lovers in the past during his immortal years as a demon hunter, but none of them lasted more than a year with him. Leon was visited one day by a pure angel under the Love and Good Deeds division (in which they wreath flowers into necklaces and crowns whenever a mortal does a good deed or love someone dearly so that they could wear it once they enter the gates of Heaven) in human form saying that despite the good deeds Leon had done, not a single one flower was from love. She predicted that Leon will find someone eventually, through an act of good deed.

This is where Eli comes in. Eli is a part-time student getting a legitimate degree in arts while working as an interior designer. Leon was on his way back from his part-time job as an acoustic guitarist when he saw Eli being harassed and almost raped by a thug. He rescued him, and just like the prediction of the angel, Eli felt an unexplained attraction and strong emotions towards Leon. The boy kissed Leon out of impulse, and the rest was history.

Other facts about Eli includes that he used to have a crush on Fai in Japanese tuition class before he met Leon, he is mostly the uke in bed, but when it comes to deciding on having children, he is the seme because Leon is not only a half-breed but also a hermaphrodite (which I will explain along the list), thus results in Trisha, as in the little girl playing with Damien in "Magic"

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