Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Advertisement

The Crying Traveler
Everyone crowded around the bulletin men as they stuck out the announcement of the day.

The bulletin men stuck and hammered for about 5 minutes before making way for the crowd to see.

It was a wanted poster of a Mundockian human and an Estopian giant. Everyone whispered about what the two may have done, but they were not as important as the bounty set on their heads.

"Anyone who turns them in dead or alive will be awarded handsomely," one of the bulletin men announced. "Those who harbour them secretly will be punished severely. Your cooperation is very much appreciated."

Everyone, after glancing at the poster, walked off with the bounty figure in their heads, thinking of what they could do with the money they could earn.


Love of the Damned
"Is the cost clear?"

The ad boys looked around the area to see if there were any foul play.

"Coast clear. Let's stick this poster and get the hell outta here!"

They quickly came out from the car and started sticking up the poster ads feverishly. Barely done their 5th poster, high-pitched squeals came ringing towards them.

"Oh no! Here they come!"

Crazed fangirls went charging towards the ad boys and grabbed whatever was remaining in their boxes. Some squabbled with each other for the last poster and some tried to rip it off one of the ad boys hands while the rest tried to take it down the wall before the starch paste dried up.

Such is the life of an ad boy who are trying to put up posters of Thilius and Faira.


Yeah, after Nakh and Kal eloped, Kal's clansmen created wanted posters and distributed it to many parts of the area in order to capture them. If you're wondering how much bounty is on their head, it's 500,000,000 Lucoes (currency in their world). I made up the currency sign myself on the poster

LOL, the ad boys sure got their work cut out for them. Thilius and Faira are not only models for the Rogue magazine. They're also models for many commercial items. This ad they're doing is my cheap imitation of Cornetto's called "Nicette" (pronounce Nice-at).

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