Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: All That I Have

The Crying Traveler
Melly slowly opened his eyes to see Kalana staring down at him.

"Melly? Melly, you OK? Oh, thank the gods you're awake."

"M...Mommy...? Is...Is that really you...?" Melly breathed in disbelief as he held his hand out to Kal.

"Yes, Melly. It's me. Your Mommy," Kal hugged Melly tearfully. "Oh, I am so glad I've found you. You have no idea how much I missed you..."

Melly, confirming from his mother's touch that it was not a dream, hugged Kal and cried his heart out. So did Kal as the mother and daughter reunion finally came.

"Daddy? Where's Daddy? And Elly? Where are they?"

"That's what I need to tell you, Melly," Kal cupped Melly's cheek with his hands. "Melly, we must never go back. We must never meet Daddy or Elly again."

"Wh...What...? Why...?" Melly sobbed.

"I will explain to you why later, but first, I want you to promise me to not remember anything in our past. Even if one day we meet Daddy and Elly, we must pretend they don't exist in our lives. Please, Melly. Promise me that..."

"I...I promise..." Melly said half-heartedly. "But why...?"

"You're all that I have now, Melly..." Kal whispered as he proceeded to tell his daughter why he chose to do this.


Love of the Damned
"Sir, why are you so mad?"

Damien and Trisha were standing in front of a grumpy old bum. Sister Terra ran to them, worried that the bum might hurt them.

"Damien. Trisha. Don't bother the old man."

"Listen to your Sister, kids. Leave me alone," the bum grumbled.

"But why are you so mad?" Damien repeated his question. "Is it because you're hungry?"

"Damn right I am! I haven't been eating decently in weeks and I got no time to be playing games with you kids. Now fuck off!"

"Kids, you're gonna be late for school," Sister Terra urged.

Damien and Trisha looked at each other as if they were communicating telepathically. They soon nodded and held out their paper bags to the bum.

"Here you go," they said simultaneously.

"Wassat shit?" the old bum growled.

"It's ham and egg sandwich, an apple and a box of chocolate milk. That's all that I have," Trisha said.

"And I got peanut butter and jelly toast, a banana and a box of orange juice. This will hold you out for a while," Damien replied.

The old bum stared at them in disbelief for a moment or so. The kids smiled and passed it closer to him. His heart suddenly felt so sorry for the little innocent children and touched by their act of kindness. His hands trembled and tears trickled down his cheek as he took their paper bags.

"Th...Thank you...Thank you so much, kids..."

"You're welcome," Trisha and Damien said together before walking away hand in hand as if it was the most normal thing to do, with Sister Terra following behind them, her heart swelling with blissful pride.

Little did the kids know that they had changed a few people's lives that day.


So sad, the scene with Kal and Melly. That was what really happened when they were at Amazonios after Melly was washed up shore barely alive and nursed back to health by Kal and the Amazonios people

Yup, Damien and Trisha definitely didn't know that they have changed some lives that day. See that guy in a suit passing behind them? He was a ads and graphic designer working in an ad firm and he was running out of ideas how to create a TV charity ad for the local charity organization.

He just so happen to stumble upon the kids' act of kindness and used that as the base of his charity ad. It touched millions worldwide and donations for the needy were circulated, and the man soon became second-in-command in the ad firm alongside with his boss.

The old bum also met with a happy end. After eating the food the kids gave, he knew that he could no longer sulk about his fate of losing his job and home that rendered him a life in the streets. He decided to perk up and walk about to see if he was lucky. When he walked along the highway bridge, he saw an old man screaming for help because a boy fell off the edge and was hanging by the collar on one of the metal railings. Out of impulse, the old bum ran over and climb down the edge to rescue the poor boy and returned it to the old man. The old man thanked him profusely and insisted he come along with him to meet the boy's parents.

Turns out the old man was a personal butler and nanny of the young boy, and after recounting the old bum's heroic effort to save him, his parents, who were very important director and senior director of business conglomerates, were so grateful that they decided to hire the old bum as their personal bodyguard and chauffer, and provided a place to stay in their mansion, rewarded handsomely for the rest of his life

A little kindness goes a long long way, innit?

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