Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Annoyance

The Crying Traveler
Elly and Kiba panted as they kissed each other hungrily. They know they shouldn't be doing this before they're officially married. Hell, Elly shouldn't be anywhere near Kiba during this moment because the wolf was in heat.

But they couldn't care less.

Elly had been holding back for too long and Kiba was freakin' horny in his heat. There was no turning back now.

Suddenly they heard giggles coming from the foot of the bed. Elly wanted to ignore it, dismissing it as their imagination, but Kiba knew better than that.

He went to investigate and sure enough, there were the twins Kito and Raito crouching there wanting to get a free show.

"Aww, show's over?" Kito asked.

"Yeah, you haven't even gotten to the best part," Raito grinned.

"Why, you little~!"

The mood was pretty much killed with Elly awkwardly covering himself and Kiba screaming swears and curses chasing them all over the place naked.


Love of the Damned
"Brother Faira~! Let's play~!"

Faira chuckled as Nero jumped up onto him, clinging onto his shoulders affectionately.

"OK, Nero. What do you want to play today?"

"Hide and seek~!"

"OK, hide and seek it is."

Thilius and Meredith, who were watching this display from afar, had one thought in mind.

I can't wait to get his mission over and done with!



LOL! Kito and Raito are at it again with their antics. They didn't mind being found out doing voyeurism, they just like to annoy the heck out of them. Akari-Jaganashi technically designed them based on the Weasley twins, so I drew them accordingly.Their pranks are usually harmless, never meant to cause any lasting harm on people.

In the Thili-Fai scene, Thili and Fai are in the early 90's working as temporary bodyguards for a German aristocrat family to protect their son Nero and their future son-in-law Meredith until the day comes to seal their holy matrimony.

Nero and Meredith may look like children but technically they are already 18 years old, almost like Honey-sempai in Ouran. Due to a genetic defect that happens in this family every leap generation, occasionally they will end up giving birth to children which have stunted growth. Once they reach puberty at 12, their bodies would just stop growing throughout their lifespan. And in certain rare occasions, sons that they bear not only will have stunted growth, but also have hermaphroditic features, so this is where arranged marriages with relatives few times removed with the same birth defects come in, since marriages with a reguar person almost always don't work out.

Nero and Meredith are childhood friends for a long while before they were engaged, but it has always been a one-sided love on Meredith's part as Nero only treated him like a big brother. Being the most powerful aristocrat family among the Germans, they are often subjected to assassinations and kidnappings, and since one of the high officials knew Thili and Fai as their true form, he helped them forge some paperwork in order to get them hired as bodyguards. Nero took a liking to Fai straightaway and always wanted to hang around with him, much to the chagrin of the jealous Meredith and annoyed Thili.

When an assassin ambushed them and Meredith blocked his attack between Nero and the assassin, getting him injured in the process, Nero knew then what Meredith's true feelings were and his own feelings progressed from brotherhood to lover. The rest of the ordeal was safely went through, and on German Independence Day, Nero and Meredith got married. They had fraternal twin children 3 years later (apparently stunted physique growth doesn't affect internal growth).

Yes, I know! Nero and Meredith are fashioned from Death Note's Mello and Near. I couldn't resist! So sue me! LOL!

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