Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Danger Ahead

The Crying Traveler

"What's wrong?" Nakh asked, concerned as he touched his wife's belly. "Is the baby OK?"

"Yes, but I have a bad feeling about this route you're taking. I think we should turn back."

"What are you talking about? This has always been the route I take when I go hunting. It's perfectly..."

Before Nakh could finish his words, a loud hiss was heard. In the darkness, suddenly there were thousands of huge black snakes rearing their ugly heads, ready to strike. Kal screamed in fear and Nakh held him close. They know if they run, it would be too late. Those snakes would devour them in pieces.

Looks like its a head-on fight to the death.


Love of the Damned
Pretty soon, the day came to an end. Leon started to pack up his stuff. Faira approached Leon alone.

"Hey, Leon. How'd you like your first day at work?"

"It's decent," Leon replied. "I just gotta get the materials for the designs."

As he walked past him, he whispered to the angel, "You cannot keep him safe for long...Angel."

Leon walked off. Faira, surprised to be found, spun round quickly.

"You're not really human are you, Leon? You're a halfie."

Leon stopped in his tracks when he reached the door.

"Yes. I am a half-breed," Leon turned to him, his eyes glowing. "Son of the archangel, Michael. What you are doing is wrong, angel. He is a servant of those unholy, those who influence sin on man!"

"Well, I won't lie, he may create temptations at times, but I am there to anchor him. I only allow him an amount of sin whenever situation requires it. You have to admit, Leon, that there are sometimes where mortals need to have the necessary evil to survive."

Leon just scoffed at the angel's words, "It's people like him that killed my mother."

"You cannot generalize things based on one person. Besides, he's an outcast now. We're both outcasts. We don't belong to neither heaven nor hell. We're wandering spirits, technically."

"One of 'em came from the fire and killed her in front of me! I don't care what you two are. An angel and a devil can never be together."

"Yes, we can. We..."

"Hey, there's the little Mommy!"

"Mama! Mama!" Damien squealed, wanting to get out of Tanya's arms to Faira. Leon watches at the two going to Faira. Faira put on a smile and took the baby from her.

"Hey there, Damien. Thanks for babysitting, Tanya."

What's going on here? Leon thought as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

"Anytime, Fai!" Tanya said perkily before walking away, then calling over her shoulder. "Gotta go! I got a date."

Faira waved goodbye at Tanya, then nuzzled his son, "Has my little Damien been a good boy?

"Nya~!" Damien squealed, hugging Fai's face.

"What's the deal here, angel?" Leon demanded.

"This," Faira showed Damien to Leon, "is proof that angels and demons can be together. Meet my son, Damien. Say hi to Uncle Leon, Damien."

Damien waved and gave Leon a baby grin.

"Uncle? Don't make me laugh. I will get you. You and your precious demon husband."

So saying, Leon walked out the door, leaving them behind. Thilius, who behind the shadows, heard and saw everything. He headed to Faira and put his hands on his shoulder.

"He's truly a half-breed, isn't he?"

"Yeah. Michael the archangel is his father. I've known Michael to be occasionally attached to mortals, but I didn't think he'd sire a child here."

"We got to be careful with him."



Nakh and Kal are gonna be in big trouble, but don't worry. Nakh's a strong guy. He managed to kill off most of the snakes with one hand while the other held Kal close to him and then managed to flee the scene before the snakes got to recuperate

In Thili-Fai scene, this is another one of my RPs with Akari-Jaganashi with his OC he decided to create and join my Love of the Damned realm.

His name is Leon Samson and he is a half-breed, meaning he's a half-angel-half-human. His father was the archangel Michael and he was born way back in the 1930s, around the same time where Thilius fell in love with Faira. He holds a grudge on all demons because his mother was killed by a demon called Exodar who has a thirst for bloodlust and was sent by the Devil to kill Leon, but his mother was in the way. He had watched his mother die in front of him on Halloween's night when he came home from Trick or Treating and he was never the same again.

He became a demon hunter, going around the world throughout the times in search of demons to kill and rid them of the evils in the world. His latest target is Thilius, and since Faira sided him, he was on the list as well.

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