Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Do Not Disturb

The Crying Traveler
"I think you better not come close to Kita right now."

Rai had that fearful look on his face, and Kal and Melly could see that the aura Kita was emitting was not really good news either.

"Something wrong, Rai-san?" Kal asked.

"Kita is not in one of his best moods right now. It's best if you steered clear from him for a little while, while I'll calm him down."

"Mood swings?" Melly suggested.

Rai could only smile weakly.


Love of the Damned
"Are you done yet, love?"

"Just wait. I'm trying to hang this right."

Thilius groaned and stomped towards his lover.

"What's so hard to hang a 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign? I'm getting really horny here, and it's been so long since we've got down and dirty."

"For your information, Thili," Faira pouted. "It's not easy trying to hang a sign and hide your naked body at the same time. Do you want the whole hotel to see me naked?"

"It's not like they've never seen your ass before. You did pose nude for the latest Playgirl magazines. Are you done yet?"


So saying, Thilius quickly grabbed Faira by the waist and dragged him inside, ignoring the playful pretend angry tone of Faira as he closed the door, ready for their little 'nightly games'.



LOL! A moody pregnant Kita and a horny demon. What else can go wrong?

BTW, FYI, in this Nakh-Kal scene, Kita is pregnant again a few months after Kal and Melly's return to the clan. Kal and Melly doesn't remember them, so they refer to them as 'Rai-san' and 'Kita-san' and calls Nakh by his last name and Elly by his given name 'Ellokh'.

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