Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Drink

The Crying Traveler
"He's almost fully dilated now. Just need to wait a few more minutes."

"I want Shalla..." the pregnant Valkyrie cried.

"Meme is bringing him here, don't worry," Kal comforted as he held a bowl to his lips. "Here, drink some warm water. It'll make you feel better."

As Kal fed him, Meme came in dragging the said Shalla into the delivery room.

"C'mon, Shalla. It's not as scary as you think. Your Rinnie needs you."

Shalla looked nervously at Rinnie who was breaking in cold sweat and trying to hold onto the pain. Nakh saw them come in and with his huge arm, he reached over and carried Shalla towards them.

"You should be in my position, not me. He's your 'wife'," Nakh said as he switched places to get Shalla as the one being leaned on by Rinnie. "Be a husband, for once, for goodness sake."

"Shalla, it hurts~!" Rinnie cried as he held onto Shalla painfully, whining once in a while as the contractions hit him.

"I...I dunno what to do..." Shalla said listlessly.

"Just comfort him," Kal said. "There's nothing you can do to stop the pain, but you can ease it. Just comfort him."

Though hesitant, he knew Kal was right. He wrapped his arms around Rinnie and whispered to his ear, as if he had done this his whole life.

"I'm here, Rinnie. It'll be all over soon. I'm right here..."


Love of the Damned
"The soup is done."

Faira sat up slowly and took the bowl from Thilius' hands. Sipping it slowly, he grimaced.

"It's not sweet enough."

"Don't complain," Thilius growled. "I stayed up all night making this. You were the one who wanted to have sweet potato soup. Now drink it."

"Sour puss," Faira grumbled and sipped the contents until it was empty. He passed it to Thilius and said, "More. And put more sweet potatoes in...please."

Thilius nodded and took the bowl for another refill. He sighed. He really needed to get used to being talk back like this, just until the pregnancy's over.



In my version in Nakh-Kal's scene, Valkyrie-s are beings that are worshipped by warlords everywhere by their song of vigor and courage before being sent out to war, and in my version, they are among the section of where Nakh and Kal came from, which means the section of only men, thus we have Estopian (pure male) Valkyrie-s and Mundockian (hermphrodite male) Valkyrie-s.

Shalla and Rinnie are, of course, husband and 'wife', but Shalla has one of those fears of being a father. To avoid having to face the problems of fatherhood, he had not been very supportive throughout Rinnie's pregnancy, and had planned not to show up for the birth, but thanks to Nakh and Kal, they convinced him that fatherhood is really not that bad at all. In fact, he was there to witness the birth of his beautiful baby Estopian Valkyrie, in which they named La'Garrine.

As usual, during Fai's pregnancy, Thili had to start suffering the consequences of seeing Fai's bad side, which includes display of anger, selfishness and all the 7 Deadly Sins an angel usually do not indulge in.

If you're wondering why his hair was half-black, that's because the negative emotions is spreading in his heart, and it shows on his hair. The further the pregnancy progress, the more ground the black would cover

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