Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Drowning

The Crying Traveler
Kal gurgled as he struggled to hold his breath.

He rammed at the ice above him, trying to break it open to let himself free.

Kita was right above him, calling for him with a voice he couldn't hear

They were so close, probably inches apart, and yet they couldn't reach each other.

Kal's lungs was protesting for new air, and he knew he couldn't hold on to the old one much longer.

As the rest of the air escaped his mouth, Kal pounded at the ice until he couldn't pound anymore...


Love of the Damned
"Help! Help, somebody help me!"

Everyone turned to see Eli struggling to stay in the surface. By the look on his face, they knew he wasn't kidding. Eli was a very good swimmer but a terrible actor. There was no way he could fake this.

"Hang on! I'm coming!" Thilius shouted as he ran straight towards Eli and swam up to him.

Leon and Fai, as they held their children, prayed that Thilius would get him in time.


In Nakh-Kal's scene, Kal went ice-fishing with the clan where the ice he stood broke and he fell into the river. The crack he fell into froze over quite quickly, thus he couldn't get through and Kita couldn't use his powers to break the ice lest he gets himself falling into it and trapped under as well. In the end, Nakh told everyone to leave the frozen river and slammed his fist down through the ice to rescue Kal before he died from drowning and hypothermia.

In Thilius-Fai scene, Eli was indeed a good swimmer, but he somehow got himself caught in a school of jellyfish while he was swimming towards the deeper end. One of them latched onto his leg and stung him, causing it to be paralyzed and he couldn't continue swimming as the poison spread through him.

Thilius, when he swam over to rescue him also got latched on by one, but no mortal animal can hurt him, so lucky for him, he was able to bring Eli safely back to shore and peeled the jellyfish off him as if it were just a plastic bag stuck on him while Fai and Leon tried to heal Eli from the jellyfish poison. Luckily they were in a private beach rented by Leon, or else they would've made a spectacle.

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