Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Fairy Tale

The Crying Traveler
"Look what Oka-san bought for me!"

Kiba grinned from ear to ear as he showed off a huge encyclopedia-like book to the boys.

"What's that, Kiba nii-chan?"

"It's a fairy tale story book! Oka-san bought it from a traveling gypsy. She said to read it in a dark room. There's a surprise inside!"

"Ooh! Let's go to my closet," Elly cooed. "It's dark enough in there."

Kiba with Melly in Elly's arms and Kito and Raito following behind them made their way to Elly's room and into his closet.

They opened the first page and huge letters glowed in the dark, showing the titles. They oohed and aahed at the sight before picking one title and turned towards the page.

It was empty and blank, but beautiful colours of light started popping out and began to act out the story that they were supposed to read, like a little mini movie.

It was the best book ever.


Love of the Damned
Thilius came to the International Convention Centre where the WFFO is organizing the Annual Fashion Ball. This time, their theme for the ball was 'Fairy Tale', and everyone dressed in their favourite fairy tale characters.

Thilius waited for Faira's arrival. The angel was at the convention centre first because he was part of the committee in decorating the place. Everyone was moving towards the main hall already: Luke with his girlfriend, Gabrielle and her boyfriend, Danielle the new half and 'her' sweetheart and Amethyst and her penpal/lover from France who came to visit.

"Where is he...?" Thilius muttered.

"Isn't the Beast's outfit supposed to be blue and yellow?"

Thilius turned to see Faira all dressed up in Belle's outfit, but it still looked a little different.

"And shouldn't Belle be dressed in yellow and with less frills? Lemme guess, you followed..."

"The original version? Yup. Seems like you did too."

"Well then, Belle," Thili said as he took his angel's hand and kissed. "Shall we move on?"

"Most definitely, Beast."

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