Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Give Up

The Crying Traveler
Nakh fell to the ground, his body losing grip over his own. Blood flowed out of the slit that he inflicted on his wrists like rain and there was no stopping it.

Elly's cry brought him temporarily into reality. The boy instinctively knew that his father was dying, and he didn't want that.

Nakh struggled to go over to his son. He reached a bloody hand to Elly and brought him close to him. His heart ached at the sight of his son wailing, desperately wanting him to live. Tears shed from his crimson eyes as he planted a kiss on Elly's forehead.

"I'm sorry...Elly...I'm going to see your Mommy first...You will either join me or live on for me...It's all on fate now..."

Nakh slowly closed his eyes, waiting for Death to come and reunite him with his cherry...


Love of the Damned
"Argh~! I give up!"

Thilius groaned as he fell onto the pile of pictures. Faira chuckled awkwardly at the sight.

"Hey, it's alright. It's not so bad. Look at the designs. They're pretty good..."

"I don't understand why we have to judge these??" Thilius groaned. "Isn't there someone to do this, like Gordon Ramsay or something?"

"Well, Leon said it's a big break to help people get serious into artistic cuisines, and since we are the role models of many impressionable teens..."

"They all look the same anyways! And we're gonna end up eating them somehow. Ugh! I hate sweet stuff. I'm off for a smoke."

Thilius got up and left the room. Faira smiled weakly and carried on looking through the pics. He'll be back to help sooner or later


There are times when the pain of losing your loved ones is just so hard that you don't want to go on anymore. That was what Nakh felt at one time. He was so tired and depressed over his unfruitful search that he decided to give up and end it there and then. But thanks to Mother Nature who just so happen to be taking one of her many children a stroll along the area and found them, he survived.

Leon, being the new boss after The Boss left the ownership to him (see "Starvation" to know why), has been very hardworking to help keep the agency in place. One of the tasks he let Thili and Fai do was to be judges of the artistic cuisine contest where people compete to see which of their confectionaries are the best in looks and taste, and poor Thili had no patience in looking through those pictures.

Got those pics from a forwarded mail from my friend. I originally wanted to put a puzzle in and make Thili and Fai slave over a very tedious puzzle, but decided maybe this would be better. Took me forever to put them all in though

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