Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Hero

The Crying Traveler
Nakh growls and sends off punches and kicks as he struggled to kill off the monsters that dare to harm his cherry. Kalana stood aside to watch the carnage.

Within minutes, he subdued the monsters and snuffed their lights out. Kalana ran out from where he was hiding and clapped his hands.

"Nobody harms my little cherry," Nakh said proudly.

"Oh, my hero~! "


Love of the Damned
"I have attained the ultimate power! Now you shall die!"

Faira braced himself. He had to get the eye that was embedded on the boy's chest off him. His obsession with power was slowly corrupting his soul and he wanted to save it, whatever it takes.

The blow never came. Faira found himself in the arms of Thilius the demon, the blow leaving a gaping wound across his face.

"How romantic!" the boy sneered. "A hero sweeping the damsel in distress off her feet and saves the day!"

"Thi...Thilius!" Faira exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"I can't let a pretty face like you get hurt now, can I?"

Faira blushed. Being rescued was something he had to get used to.



In Nakh-Kal scene, Kal was just minding his own business plucking fruits for the day's lunch when he was cornered by these huge horned canines from the giant species, thirsting for his meat. Of course, Nakh comes to save the day

Thilius also saved the day when Faira was sent on a mission to save a soul, which is a boy who used to be bullied by his classmates and desired the strength and power to fight them so much that he stumbled upon a demon in human form pretending to be a street hawker selling rare items and sold him The Demon's Eye that had collapsed many ancient civilization to him.

The eye was attached to his chest which gives him immense strength and caused him to accidentally kill the bullies. The blood soaked onto him and absorbed by the Eye was then transforming the boy into a bloodlust creature and Thilius and Faira had to step in to clean up the mess.

It was soon removed from his chest after a long battle and the boy's soul was saved, of course, but not his mind. The removing of the Eye sent the boy's sanity into withdrawal. They had no choice but to leave him there (as their job was done), cringing into a fetal position, bruised and battered and continuously mumbling, "I gotta be strong...I gotta be strong..." over and over again

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