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100 List Challenge: I Can't

The Crying Traveler
"Okay I see its head! Keep going!"

Tears fall like rain out of his eyes as Kal kept on pushing, breathing as he went. It felt forever when the baby finally slid out and Kita caught it.

"I got him!" Kita exclaims as he catches the baby. Kal lets out a sigh of relief.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" the Death Lord asked.

"It's a boy," Kita said as he first let Kal hold the baby, then the Death Lord took it.

"Great work, my sweet," the Death Lord said as he kisses Kal's cheek. Melly pushed him away.

"I told you not to kiss my mom! Just take your baby and go!"

"No, please, I change my mind!" Kal whined as he held out his hand to the wailing baby in the Death Lord's arms. "I don't want you to take them away!"

"Mom!" Melly exclaimed in disbelief.

"I agree. Let us keep 'em, Shinigami-sama," Kita pleaded.

Death Lord shook his head, "I cannot agree. A deal's a deal, sweet thing. I give you life, you give me kids. That was the exchange. You don't get to keep them."

"My baby..." Kal begged, holding out both his hands, desperately wanting his son back, "My baby..."

"Hmph! I'll never accept them as my brother," Melly said, looking away in disgust.

"Melly! Don't say that!" Kita said. "He's still your mother's son."

"The only brother I have is Ellokh, and he's all I need!"

"Ow..." Kal winced as another contraction kicked in. "It still hurts..."

"What?" Kita checked him, feeling him up and gasped, "You're having another!"


"Okay, this one is crowning faster. You have to push."

"I...I can't...I'm too tired..."

"C'mon, Mom. You can do it. Get it over and done with."

"You can do this, imoto-chan. We're here for you," Kita encouraged, "It's time to push."

Kal could cry all the tears he want, but he knew he had to get it out. Slowly but surely, he pushed.


Love of the Damned

Eli went over to hug and kiss him, "I'm here, lion. I'm right here."

"You're just in time. He's fully dilated. Any minute later and we would've started without you," Faira said.

"Then thank God I'm here in time."

Leon breathed through his tears as he held his husband's hand.

"OK, get ready now. Push whenever you feel a contraction, Leon."

"Okay..." Leon nodded, breathing slowly.

"You feel a contraction?"

Leon's scream as he pushed confirmed his question. The trio continued to encourage him. Damien watched all this with a hidden excitement in his eyes.

"That's very good. Keep it coming. Go with the flow. Push with the contractions."

"You can do it, my lion."

"Keep going. Keep pushing."

Leon's eyes widened in pain as he felt a huge lump going through his vagina. Fresh tears pour out of his eyes as Faira cleans the excess blood leaking out with the towel.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK~!" Leon screamed, the pain coursed throughout his whole body as the lump grew larger.

"You're doing very good, Leon. Just a bit more. The head is coming."

"No, no, no, no~! It hurts! It fucking hurts!"

"You can do it, Leon," Thilius encouraged. "You've slain demons and been in near death for centuries. This won't kill you."

Eli's heart beat anxiously; he can't wait to see the baby as he held his lover's hand.

"I can't! I can't, I can't, I can't~! I can't~!"

"Yes, you can. You're almost there, c'mon."

"Leon...Our baby...Please...?" Eli begged, seeming to come close to crying as well.

Finally, Leon didn't stop pushing until the baby's wail rang throughout the room.



In the Nakh-Kal scene, this is where everything gets complicated. Basically, Kita has found out that Kal and Melly were actually faking their amnesia. They remember everything and everyone very well, but Kal wsa so ashamed of the deal that he made with the Death lord in order to resurrect him and he was also traumatized by the events that happened that led to his death that he faked amnesia to protect Nakh and Elly and keep them from knowing the deal, and begged Melly to do the same, claiming it's for the best.

What deal he made, you ask? Well, the Death Lord had always wanted a child to take over the Realm of the Dead so that his job wouldn't be so tasking. He had married numerous celestial wives but none of them were capable of giving him living children, since his nature is all about death, not life. He knew Kal's desire to return to the living and be with Nakh and his kids, and since he already had a crush on the poor Mundockian, he struck a deal: Kal gets a second chance in life but he must agree to be impregnated with his child since Kal's death made his resurrected body compatible to the Death Lord's nature.

A few months after he was brought back to life and had settled in Amazonios, the Death Lord came to claim the deal. They had sex and Kal was successfully impregnated with twins, and according to the deal, Kal doesn't get to keep the children. Thanks to Kita's persuasion, the Death Lord allowed Kal visitations once a month for a week. Kita urged Kal to come clean with Nakh, but so far, he wasn't willing to.

In Thili-Fai scene, we can see Leon giving birth to Trisha with everybody helping him. They couldn't go to regular hospitals coz it would be weird to see a pregnant man, and Majah's clinic was closed, so they had to do it at home before calling Majah to make a house call.

One feature about Leon is, as you can all see, is that he is hermaphroditic. In a sense, he looks pure male, but inside he has female reproductive organs that enables him to get pregnant, and when it's time to give birth, a birth canal situated between the balls and the anus would appear to enable the baby to come out. Thus, regardless whether his lover is human, demon or angel, he can be impregnated by either of them, and it is during that time that he's the uke, unlike pure angels and demons that can impregnate humans but not their own kind or each other

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