Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Last Hope

The Crying Traveler
"Do it."

Nakh tearfully held up a huge boulder over his head, ready to strike.

"Will you truly grant my wish? Will you bring Kalana back to me?!" Nakh demanded.

"Depends on whether you can kill me or not," Kaoru replied.

Nakh held the boulder higher, gaining momentum to strike her down. She gazed back at him with her silver eyes, seemingly resigned to her fate.

They were each other's last hope.


Love of the Damned
"Are you ready, Fai?"

Fai held onto the Cradle of Life that Gloria sacrificed her life to get it for them.

"An innocent life lost just for this..." Fai's tears fell, remembering that fateful moment when Gloria disappeared in front of them, lost in oblivion.

"Then let's not make her sacrifice go in vain, angel," Thili said as he put his hand on Fai's that held the Cradle of Life.

"If we get a girl, I want her to be named after her."

"I agree."

Together, they held onto their last hope in their lips and bit down.


Wohoo! Kaoru makes an appearance. Kaoru is an OC I created when I RP with Akari-Jaganashi and Aikou-Yami but in this scene, she has nothing to do with our RP. Just a cameo.

In here, Kaoru is a girl marked by Death because she had been nosy and had prevented many people's death due to her odd sense of justice, so the Death Lord cursed her with immortality by the mark on her forehead and whenever it is a full moon, whatever is within her proximity will shrivel like a California raisin and die. Not a pretty sight.

Despite that, apparently they said whoever succeeds in killing her will get to call back the soul of their dead loved one to be resurrected. Many desperate people tried to do so, but never succeeded and ended up getting themselves killed because there is a catch to this: It has to be "The Right One" to kill her. Those who are not will just simply shrivel and die as soon as they give her the killing blow.

Nakh, of course, heard of the story and wanted to do it. He knew of the consequences. He knew that either he brings back Kal or he dies. But in the end, he didn't do it and let Kaoru go because he realized that if he didn't succeed and get killed in the process, Elly would be left with naught and Melly will never be found.

As you can see in Thili and Fai's hand, that is the Cradle of Life. Basically the Cradle of Life is the fruit that came from the Forbidden Tree in which Adam and Eve had eaten from and got themselves banished from the Garden of Eden. Gloria managed to elude the archangels guarding the Garden and took one and fled before they noticed something's amiss. She paid for it with her life, of course

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