Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Mirror

The Crying Traveler
"Oh, you look so beautiful!"

Kita, Kiba, Kalana and Haruka were in the bride's room helping Melly to get ready for the grand hour. Most of the girls were around the area, especially the bridesmaids, to check out and see if the grooms and the other men and best men were here.

Kita held up a mirror for Melly to see, "Look at you! You look just like Haruka when she was married to Kyo."

"Oh stop," Haruka said as she brought out the wedding veil. "I wasn't that pretty. Melly, on the other hand, now that's a pretty face. Especially when he's pregnant now and having the beautiful glow on his face. Makes me wonder why he even needed make up."

"You're lucky, Melly," Kalana commented as he did his 'daughter's hair. "I never really got the chance for a white wedding. It was just a simple ceremony with a Wood Nymph who tied us together in marriage a few days after they've helped me deliver Elly."

"Are you sure this wedding kimono is not going to make me look fat?" Melly asked, a little worried.

"Hey, look at me," Kiba said, showing off his belly. "I'm pregnant and I'm wearing a wedding kimono as well. Does it make me look fat?"

"Well, no, but..."

"Speaking of which, isn't it your turn to have your hair done. The grooms will be here any minute."

"Hai, oka-san."

Their preparations continued until the bridesmaids popped their heads in to say that Elly, Kito and Raito has arrived.


Love of the Damned
Faira heaved a sigh as he walked along the street. It was almost midnight where he can walk around without giving himself away and end up being found by Thilius, and he was a little tired sitting all day and hiding out doing nothing.

Soon he walked past a mirror shop and saw his reflection in the mirror. Being an angel, he knew no mortal contraption can show his features, but now as an outcast and a wandering spirit, he could more or less see how he truly looks like.

His eyes traveled down to his 6-month-old belly. Unconsciously, he caresses it, feeling a small kick in the process. He smiled at first, then frowned a little when his eyes saw the black that crept through his blue-tinted hair.

"I'm sorry, Thili. I'm so sorry..."



Yup, not only Kiba was up the duff before his wedding date, Kito and Raito seemed to have gotten themselves busy and got Melly up the duff before Kita and Kal had the chance to get them engaged! LOL! So they decided to have a double wedding between Kiba and Elly and between Melly, Kito and Raito.

Faira successfully gotten pregnant thanks to the Cradle of Life, but as the pregnancy progressed, so did his negative feelings he had been suppressing all those centuries. He feared that if he stayed longer at Thili's side, he would end up hurting him, so on his 5 month of pregnancy, he ran away, hiding out from Thilius and went through his pregnancy alone, all the while his negative emotions caused him to commit things only a demon would do.

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