Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Mischief Managed

The Crying Traveler
"Just a little bit...Just a little bit..."

Kito hid behind the bushes with Raito as they watched their friends coming closer towards their target.


"ACK! HELP~!!"

Kito and Raito whooped and gave each other a high-5, doing their victory dance as their classmate was successfully caught in their booby trap.

"What the hell? Who did this?!" one classmate tried to let down the flailing boy as he was hung by on of his ankles upside down.

"Who else?" another sighed as he looked at the twins, laughing like idiots.

School outings are never peaceful with them around.


Love of the Damned
Faira, Damien and Thili are taking a break from clothes-testing to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Japan. It was end of school hours and many Japanese students, mostly teenage girls, were walking around window shopping.

"Dang, look at those pretty sailor fuku-s. I wonder what underneath it," Thilius commented, eyeing each and every one of the girls in question.

"Thili, you are not setting a very good example to Damien," Faira warned as he held Damien, propping him closer to his shoulder.

Damien, without warning, pointed his finger at the girls and with a flash, sent all the girls' skirts fluttering by an invisible force, showing off their panties of all colours.

"Damien! Naughty boy!" Faira scolded. "Stop that!"

"Looks like Damien agrees with me, eh, slugger?"

Damien just giggled.

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