Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Multitasking

The Crying Traveler
"Hi, Nakh. Is Kal home?"

"Yeah, he's at the kitchen. I'll take you there."

Nakh picks Kita up and brought him into the kitchen.

Kita stared in awe at the sight. It seemed as if Kal was split into different clones or something as he went about doing his thing. He was both washing the dishes, making lunch while lolling Elly to sleep and breastfeeding Melly at the same time.

"Is there anything he can't do?" Kita asked admirably.

"That's my cherry for you," Nakh beamed proudly.


Love of the Damned
"My lace on my pants is loose!"


"There, got it."

"Which flower should I match for this outfit?"


"This chrysanthemum should be alright."


"That's the wrong gel you're using, Thilius! Look what you've done with your hair!"

"Well, excuse me, Mr. Fashion Designer."


"Your hair should be braided. It goes with the clothes you're on."

"Thanks, Leon."

"Damien! Where are you?"


"He's here. You're supposed to keep an eye on him."

"Sorry, Leon."

The Boss could only watch everything in disbelief.

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