Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: No Way Out

The Crying Traveler
The twins Kito and Raito wailed in fear as more and more of the thick vines began to surround them.

Everytime Kiba and Elly tried to climb out of one vine, another grew at its place, blocking him

"Kiba nii-chan~! There's no way out! What'll we do??" Elly whined.

"I don't know what to do! I didn't know this would happen!" Kiba cried regretfully. "I'm sorry for bringing us out like this!"

"We gotta get outta here~"


Love of the Damned
Thili and Fai were literally lost in the maze. They usually have a good sense of direction, but this was ridiculous.

"This maze goes on forever," Thilius said. "And it's got more dead ends than I can imagine. What the heck is going on here?"

"And we can't revert to our true form. The maze seemed to grow taller everytime I even think of wanting to turn, as if it knows I plan to fly up high to scour the area for an exit."

"This is not good."



In Nakh-Kal scene, Kiba and the boys seemed to have gotten themselves into one of their misadventures again. They have entered the terrain of the Vines of No Return, in which whoever enters would never make out alive. Of course, lucky for them, a hermit who has lived in these vines forever helped them out of the way. The hermit was invited for dinner as gratitude before he went back into the vines and his home.

In Thili-Fai scene, they have started to fall victim into one of Leon's schemes to eliminate them, but of course, through brute force (and through Thilius' demonic tendencies to burn things), they made it through quick enough to be in time to force Leon to escape before having the chance to kill Damien

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