Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Rejection

The Crying Traveler
"Please allow us to court you."

Melly looked at the wild flowers gathered by the twins held out to him, with the twins looking at him expectantly with reddish tint on their faces.

Kita and Kal watched humorously, seeing how the turn of events would play out.

Melly blushed, then took the flowers and smelled them.

"For me?" Melly asked bashfully.

"Yes. Do you accept our courting?"

"I'll accept it..." Melly started with a sweet tone, then changed to a harsh one, "...when the world decides to turn upside down!"

So saying, he threw the flowers to the ground and stomped off, leaving the twins heartbroken in agony.

"Well...better luck next time, guys," Kita said, awkward at the situation.


Love of the Damned
Amethyst sobbed while Fai tried to comfort her. Thili scanned through the letter from the A.R.T. College

"Dang, that's one tough downer," Thili commented.

"Not helping, Thili," Fai said warningly before turning to Amethyst. "It's OK. You can always try applying other colleges. This is not the only art college in the world."

"Yeah," Amethyst cried, "but this is the best college I could find. My pen pal slash lover is there, and I promised I would enroll into this college and meet him there. Now what am I supposed to do~?"

Fai looked at Thili. An idea was mutual. It may not be ethical, but if it makes their friend happy, there's no harm trying.



In Nakh-Kal scene, it may seem harsh the way Melly rejected them, but he has a plausible reason.

Melly grew up to be a very beautiful Mundockian, and living in Amazonios made him even more feminine and gorgeous, but being an ex-sex slave, he had been brought up to believe that no man is trustworthy. He no longer believed in true love anymore and was bitter looking at lovers being lovey-dovey with each other, and even though he had amnesia and doesn't remember his past anymore, his subconscious mind still retained that feeling of betrayal and he would never succumb himself to love.

So when Kito and Raito genuinely wanted to pursue and court him, he didn't believe in their sincerity and rejected them. Ouch! But after recovering from the shock, the twins continued relentlessly to pursue him, despite the pain inflicted on them countless times

In Thili-Fai scene, Amethyst, besides being a model, is a very good artist. She wants to pursue a career in art, preferable as an illustrator for books and stuff.

She had a very long standing love relationship with her pen pal from France, and when she knew he was going to A.R.T. College at his hometown, she wanted to jump to the chance to pursue her dream career and be closer to her penpal/lover. She didn't mind leaving the modelling business, and everyone knows her dream job, so they're OK with her leaving for college.

But somehow, her paperworks were not qualified under the French standards, so A.R.T. College did not accept her. Of course, Thili and Fai comes to the rescue by teleporting there and sort of brainwashed the Dean of the college into thinking that Amethyst was an ambassador and not accepting her application was the biggest mistake of his life.

Guess who got to be reunited with her penpal/lover?

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