Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Sacrifice

The Crying Traveler
"You can't run away from me. You can't hide who you really are, sex slave."

Melly trembled as he backed away from the giant wolf.

"If I wasn't given the mission to eliminate you, I might just keep you as my sex slave. But they pay me well, so I suppose I have to do my job. Now you shall die!"

Melly cringed as the wolf sent his blow at him. He was expecting his body to go into pieces or something, but surprisingly it never came.

Instead, he stared in horror at Kito and Raito falling to the floor in front of him, splattering their blood all over him.


Love of the Damned
"Take it, Fai, quickly."

"G-Gloria? What are you doing here? How did you get this?!" Faira was shocked as Gloria shoved the Cradle of Life into Faira's hands.

"I've been watching the both of you," Gloria smiled, feeling the sting of her heart setting in. "I may not approve your relationship with the demon, but I hate to see you sad, and if it's a child you want, a child you will get."

"But...But...You stole the Cradle of Life, you'll be..."

So saying, Faira and Thilius witnessed in horror as her heart glowed through her chest, revealing it covered with the thorns that was worn by Christ on the day of his Crucifixion. Her body slowly began to crack, and feathers began to fall off her wings.

"You're my best friend, Fai. You'll always be my best friend. I'll do anything for you."

"No! No, Gloria! No! Take it back! I don't want it anymore! Don't leave me!"

"Thilius, if you treat Fai any less, I swear I will return to give you hell."

"I would never dream of it," Thilius promised.

"Goodbye, Fai..."

Thilius had to hold Faira back from coming towards Gloria as she slowly fell into pieces and disintegrated into the wind.



In Nakh-Kal scene, the giant clan had somehow found out about Melly still alive, and to avoid him from telling Nakh about his past with them while he was still in amnesia, they sent forth an assassin from the giant werewolf clan, which are creatures that can shift from man to wolf at will, to kill Melly.

The assassin tracked him down and was about to kill him when Kito and Raito stepped in to protect him. They were badly injured but barely alive. Kita and the clan soon stepped in and killed the assassin and Kito and Raito was slowly nursed back to health. Their sacrifice proved to Melly that they loved him enough so risk their lives for him.

In Thili-Fai scene, Gloria had sacrificed her life to bring the Cradle of Life to Fai so that he and Thili could have Damien. The description was the process of an angel being obliterated in oblivion when they commit a serious crime against Heaven

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