Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Starvation

The Crying Traveler
"Wow! Summer is really hot this time of the year, Kiba nii-chan."

"Yeah, it literally dried up our well," Kiba groaned as he carried the pail towards the well reserve. Elly followed behind with three in each hand. Such is the strength of a giant, even though he's only half of it.

"Kita jii-san's orders were to refill the well reserves and get something to cover the well so that the sun won't dry it up. So let's get moving."

As Kiba poured the water into the well reserve as soon as they got there, he suddenly hear a small whimper and cough coming from the bottom of the well.

"Did you hear that?" Kiba asked.

Elly strained his ears to hear. There was nothing.

"I don't hear anything."

"I could've sworn I heard something..." Kiba muttered as he looked into the well, then saw something that shocked him, "OMG!"

"What is it, Kiba nii-chan?" Elly looked in with him and saw it as well.

There, at the bottom of the well, was a pair of small Water Nymphs that looked like it hadn't eaten for almost a whole month. They were skin and bones and looked as if they were barely alive. They whimpered a little but then fell back into stupor.

"We gotta get them outta here!" Kiba exclaimed. "Help me, Elly-chan!"


With Kiba's arms around Elly, Elly inched slowly to the bottom of the well and scooped them out of it. Kiba quickly tore a bit of his pelt and soaked it in one of the pail of water and wrapped the little Water Nymphs up.

"Hurry up and pour the rest of the water in the well, Elly. We gotta show this to Kita jii-san."


Love of the Damned
Faira and Leon knocked on the door. A few moments later, a lady in her mid-40s came to answer it.

"Yes? Can I help you?"

"Hi, Mrs. Falzen?" Faira waved. "Remember me? It's Faira Essex from Tiara Shine Agency. We spoke on the phone?"

"Oh, Faira!" Mrs. Falzen looked relieved. "Come in, come in. I was hoping you'd come sooner. Who's this gentleman here?"

"Leon Samson, one of our top designer working under The Boss. I called to ask about Andie but you said something about seeing her for ourselves?"

"Yes, but please don't tell her I called you. She'll be very upset."

"We promise, Mrs. Falzen," Leon nodded.

Mrs. Falzen led them upstairs to her daughter's room, then just pushed the door open.

"She couldn't be bothered to close her door properly anymore. I hope you can do something with her."

As Faira and Leon entered the room, they saw a silhouette standing in the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror. Before they could greet her, a shocking sight made their words caught in their throat.

There was Andie Falzen, or more like the shell of who she was. Her face was sunken in, revealing most of her facial bones, and she skin and bones, almost like the little starving children in Africa. She was dressed only in her underwear, but the garment seemed to unable to hold any flesh on her. Hell, her body seemed like it couldn't even support her weight even when she was sitting on the toilet bowl.

"Hey guys," Andie greeted with a wry smile. "Sorry I haven't been to work in a while. Tell The Boss not to fire me or anything. I'll get back to work as soon as possible..."

"A...Andie, what have you done to yourself...?!" Faira breathed in horror.

"What?" Andie looked genuinely surprised at Fai's reaction. "Don't I look pretty? Don't I look thin enough to fit in every dress The Boss may present me?"

"You call that pretty?!" Leon exclaimed. "You look like you could be related to the Crypt Keeper! What the hell were you thinking?! Is this why you haven't been to work for these 2 months??"

"I was only told to do what The Boss told me..."

"But not until this extent!" Fai cried. "When was the last time you ate? How far are you willing to go to carry on like this if we hadn't come to see you? This is not what The Boss want! What were you thinking?"

Andie frowned and looked away. One look at her face and Fai and Leon could tell that she had started shutting them out.

"Get out."


"Just get out! Get out, I don't want to see you..."

Her words cut short when a glazed look crossed her face and she fell, unconscious to the ground.



The Water Nymphs in my story are actually from a nearby river somewhere, and their names are Maguro and Asashi. They are childhood friends and were promised to each other since birth. But somehow, they witnessed a crime committed by their own parents and in order to shut them up, their parents hung them on a tree branch so that a bird would take them and eat them.
As luck would have it, a hunter looking for food killed the bird, making the bird drop Maguro and Asashi into the empty well reserve near Kita's clan. There, they starved for days at end and couldn't climb out of the well because it was too deep for them and they were too small and too weak without water. Luckily, Kiba and Elly found him and Kita decided to put them to be looked after by a Water Spirit that lived in a lake a few miles away from the clan's territory.


Andie Falzen is one of Fai's colleagues under the model department. She grew up with the strict rule of her father that girls are pretty when they are thin, so she was very health and self-conscious. When she joined the model agency, she was a very happy-go-lucky person who was known by her colleagues to have an appetite of a bird (meaning she doesn't eat much), but everyone was fine with that.

One day The Boss was called in by the WFFO at the last minute to showcase some of his new clothes, and by mistake, he gave her a dress that was meant for a teenage model to wear. Obviously it couldn't fit her, and out of haste, The Boss angrily called her 'You fat ass' before finding out that he had given her the wrong dress to wear. The Boss was too proud to apologize and it gave Andie the impression that The Boss wanted her to be thinner to fit his dresses.

She took a 2-month leave and started starving herself, only surviving with a little bit of water everyday, but still she wasn't satisfied with the results, firmly believing it was not enough for The Boss. When Fai and Leon came to visit her and she saw their disapproval in what she had done to herself, she practically lost her will to live.

She was hospitalized after that fainting episode and went into a coma straightaway. The doctors diagnosed that her body no longer had a single ounce of nutrient in her due to her aneroxic behaviour and couldn't do anything for her because after being starved for so long, her body no longer had the strength to absorb anything, not even the nutrients in IV drips. A few hours after her coma, she died in her sleep.

The Boss was so filled with guilt that day that the next morning, he announced his retirement and decided to hand in all ownership of his model agency to Leon

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