Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Traps

The Crying Traveler
Kita and Kal checked the fish that they caught.

"I think we've got enough of what we needed," Kita said.

"Agreed," Kal nodded. "Now it's time for mulberry-hunting."

"Yeah, let's get these fish back home and head out again."

"Alright, we'll--"

Kal's word stopped short when a stab went through his belly. The first thing that registered in his eyes was Thalak, one of the Head Village soldier, and his vengeful eyes, before the pain began to set in.

As he fell, only the blurred vision of the sky and Kita's muffled voice could be heard...


Love of the Damned
"Where is Faira?"

Thilius stood face to face with Morgwaine, his fists clenched with a vengeance.

"He's here, but only if you come closer."

"If anything happens to my Faira, I swear I'll send you straight to the Dark Lord faster than you can breathe!"

"You demons are all the same."

So saying, Morgwaine moved towards Thilius in a flash, throwing out the rosary and wrapped it all over Thilius' body. It glowed and burnt through the demon's skin, making him shout in pain.

"What the fuck...?! Hey, fucker, you promised to return Faira to me!!"

"No holy angel would ever be returned to the likes of you. Besides, can't you tell it's a trap?"

Thilius cursed, feeling very stupid right now.



In Nakh-Kal's scene, this takes place before "Misfortune" and a few weeks after "Silence". They were out running errands when Kal's clansmen ambushed them, causing Kal's baby's death.

The tragedy sent Kita in berserk mode and killed off all the people that ambushed them before running to exact revenge for Kita, but he was outnumbered as there were more of Kal's clansmen waiting to sneak up on them. They carried Kita all the way back to the Village of Thar and was prepared to kill him when Nakh came just in time to save him.

Nakh had wanted to just kill them all so that none of them would ever hunt his cherry again, but Kita, being the kind-hearted wolf he is, decides to spare them, but forced the village to sign a treaty agreeing that they would wash their hands off Kal and make him an exile instead, which they grudgingly agreed.

Though you know what happens next...

In Thili-Fai scene, this setting takes place in the late 18th century where the Roman Catholics were at the prime of their time. Morgwaine is a novice monk who grew up in a very religious background (his father a Reverend and his mother a Reverend Mother) and was brought up to believe that all demons are evil. He is under tutelage in a monastery nearby.

Morgwaine somehow caught sight of Faira and Thilius together and thought of them being heretics for being in a gay relationship, but when he found out their true form, he was determined to rescue Faira from Thilius' clutches, believing that Thilius had bewitched the angel into this illicit relationship.

So he kidnapped Faira and locked him up in the Bible room and used his blood to bless the rosary he had created for the sake of capturing Thilius. Almost succeeded, if Faira hadn't came to in time and stopped Morgwaine from doing what he was going to do.

Hearing Faira and Thilius' tale about their eviction from both Heaven and Hell, Morgwaine started to question his religion. In the end, he let them go and left everything behind to become a traveling monk, searching for the true meaning of life

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