Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Triangle

The Crying Traveler
"Happy Valentine's Day!"

The twins, with their nimble reflexes and agility, climbed up onto Melly and gave him butterfly kisses on each cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day to you too, guys," Melly blushed at the affection he was showered at, then kissed both of them deeply in the lips in turn, sending them swooning.

This was one love triangle they didn't mind having.


Love of the Damned
"Mr. Essex-Broadway-s, Mr. Samson-Thames-s. I think you guys should see this."

Thili-Fai and Leon-Eli looked at each other warily. Was there something going on? Did their kids do something again? Will they be kicked out and have to find another place to babysit their kids again? It was really hard looking for this one.

"Don't worry, everyone," Sister Terra smiled. "They were perfect angels. But...I think it's best if you see this yourself."

The two couples followed behind the novice nun as she led them to the main hall. They saw Damien scribbling something with crayons and Trisha watching. As they came close, they saw Damien not only drew on the paper, but drew all the way outside the paper and all over the wooden floor. What's even more shocking that Damien was staring at space while drawing. In fact, his eyes were reduced into just whites!

They looked down and saw it was a picture of a cracked Earth with stick figures falling out of it surrounded by burning fire, and in the center of the Earth, was the symbol that they didn't think would ever exist in the mind of a 3-year-old.

"The Illuminati..." all of them breathed simultaneously.


In Thili-Fai scene, apparently Damien had a premonition of The Illuminati being the cause of the ends of the world, which is, of course, undetermined future, and that vision led him into a trance in which he drew it out (like Isaac Mendez from Heroes! LOL). We will never know what the true history of The Illuminati really is, and this is just basically my version of things, so I will leave it to your speculation

Sister Terra is a recent addition into the Sisters of Honourable Valor Monastery which was situated about a few miles away from the guys' workplace. She actually started off being like the typical normal teenage girl, but after a near-death experience due to a boating accident, she began to receive the sixth sense and was able to see things others don't see. She believed that it was a gift from the Heavens and devoted herself into religion, although sometimes she does let her old self loose from time to time, just to relax. Basically, she's almost like the modern version of Sister Maria in 'Sound of Music' (Ugh! I hate that movie).

She and Fai met quite by accident when they caught the same train and she saw his true form. They became fast friends and she soon learnt about his history. She had nothing against gay relationship and believed that any form of love, as long as it is pure love, was acceptable.

She heard of Fai's and Leon's troubles of trying to get a nursery that would accept their kids because they always expel them for performing their powers in front of the kids. She volunteered to let them have the monastery as their nursery, much to Fai and Leon's relief. She had been their personal babysitter ever since

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