Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Words

The Crying Traveler
Kita and Kal were out in the fields, relaxing and enjoying the autumn sun.

"Mm, it's been a long while since the sun is out," Kita smiled. "Makes me feel bad that winter is coming soon. The sun would be behind the clouds everyday for half the season during that time."

Kal took out the charcoal pencil and scribbled onto the notebook he around his neck.

How's Nakh doing?

"He's alright, I guess," Kita sighed. "Trying to suppress Nara within him as much as possible. Our clan medium is trying to help him out as well. Hopefully he'll be alright."

Kal nodded. He hoped the same as well.


Love of the Damned
"Fai, did you actually go outside to hang the laundry dressed like that?"

Faira sulked. So he was dressed with only one shirt and an underwear but they were living 10 feet away from the nearest neighbour. Who would look at him?

"So? It's not like someone's gonna see me. Look where we live?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you can just go outside and gallavanting your ass all over the place. What if..."

"Shut up, Thili!" Fai shouted as he threw the laundry basket. "I am sick and tired of your jealousy and possessiveness! Can't I have my own freedom to do whatever I want?!"

Thili backed away. Oh damn, here it comes...

"Just because you're my husband, doesn't mean you can fucking boss me around! Who do you think you are, some kind of lord?! Like some kind of emperor that rules over his wife and consort?! I don't have to fucking put up with this! I'm not your whore! I'm not your bitch or something! I can do whatever I fucking want!"

As Faira continued to bitch at him, Thilius really wished this pregnancy would be over soon.



Hah! Take that, Thili. Who says angels can't swear and curse? He just have the courtesy and patience not to do so. But it's definitely weird to see goody-goody Fai go all ballistic like that. Even I feel awkward drawing this

Here in Nakh-Kal's scene, Kal had experienced what we call a post-traumatic temporary speech impediment. Simply put, due to a shock, it caused Kal to become temporarily mute.

After "Misfortune", the loss of his child was too much for him to bear. The next morning he woke up unable to speak and the clan doctor diagnosed him with that problem. After Nakh came to rescue Kita from the clutches of Kal's clansmen and after signing the treaty, Nakh's guilt and pain for not being there for Kal and his blaming himself for causing their baby to die brought Nara out in the open, terrorizing everything he sees.

Kita's soldiers had to hold him down and chained him at the Dark Caves and Kyo, Rai, the clan medium and sometimes Kita would help to use enchantments and spells to try and keep Nara at bay while Nakh tries to persuade Nara to calm down.

Kal's voice came back slowly in time and Nakh managed to persuade Nara to step down ad try to be one with him

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