Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bros Grimm's Legacy

I just died and went to heaven after doing this

Bros Grimm have always been one of my favourite children's storytellers of all time. I recently went to the website and saw a site dedicated to the Bros Grimm which depicted the original context of their stories, and I gotta say, it's not your average children's tales that kiddies should be reading. It's so uncensored, you'd want to question why should it be filtered and remade to suit children's viewing when the whole point of Bros Grimm is to educate children with such crude lessons

Neways, here are some of my favourite stories from Bros Grimm that are depicted in here. Try locating them if you can ;) :

Hansel & Gretel
Red Riding Hood
King Thrushbeard
Sleeping Beauty
Lil' Bro & Lil' Sis (the story where the brother gets turned into a deer)
Snow White
The Brave Tailor
Bremen Town Musician
The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Wishing Fish
Frog Prince
7 Ravens
The Singing Bone
Beauty & the Beast (the Bros Grimm's version is where the Beast is a lion by day and human by night)
Six Swans
The Strange Musician
Three Feathers
Tom Thumb

Those not drawn here but are of Bros Grimm's works are these:

All-Kinds-of-Fur, Bearskin, Dr. Know-It-All, Faithful Johannes, Fitcher's Bird, Foundling Bird, Frau Holle, Godfather Death, Hans-My-Hedgehog, Jorindal & Joringel, Mrs Fox's Wedding, Goose Girl, Juniper Tree, The Riddle, 3 Little Men in the Woods, 3 Spinning Women, 12 Brothers, 12 Huntsmen, The Wolf and the 7 Little Goat Kids

Do you manage to locate them? And yes, I know, some of them look like familiar characters. That's coz I used them as reference for this drawing. And yes, I suck at shading... ^^;

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