Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harry Potter: A Darker Evil

To read a bigger size version (since this blog has a limited size), go here
This is based on a dream sequence that my friend :iconheaven56: told me:

"Harry had been captured and was being held at Severus home. Sev and Harry fell in love. Then there was this creature that is even more evil than Voldie, if you can imagine that. He looked like a mix between a dementor and that king demon thing from the third Lord of the Rings. Anyway Voldie had said not to spill magical blood but then the Dementor thing killed him and took over and told the death eaters to kill everyone. Then he wanted to capture everyone that was special to Harry and execute Harry in front of them then kill them all. And Sev was trying to save Harry from dying. There was sex between Harry and the Dementor dude and then sex between Harry and Sev and I think I woke up when Harry was being lead on to the stage to be killed"

I hope I did the dream justice

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