Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lady in the Water II: A New Tale

My brain somehow decided to created a sorta Lady in the Water fanfic plot in which it is like a spiritual sequel to the first movie, with new people playing the roles from the bedtime story and interesting characteristics. The whole setting takes place in a small district that faces a public park with a big river, where the Narf appears from.

I don't plan to expand it or anything, it's just a silly idea. I think I remember posting this before but apparently I've accidentally deleted it while I was cleaning out all the posts.

I'm too lazy to rethink or recap those characters, so you can imagine their names and characteristics as you like it. The only thing I would like to introduce is the blonde Narf featured there on the left.

His name is Tale. He is a male Narf, a male sea nymph that is usually born once every millennium (in my mind, Narfs are all females). Like Story, he is also set to bring a great change to the Chosen One that he must awaken, and when he succeeds in his quest, he was to be the Madame Narf's mate. So in other words, he is Story's fiance, he just doesn't know it yet, like Story doesn't know she was going to be a Madame Narf.

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