Sunday, November 24, 2013

Osmosis Jones Goodness

A Kiss To Remember
I was craving for a little drawing time to relax from my fanfic-writing and Ozzy/Thrax came in mind. Gah! I HAD to do this! My brain commands me to!

So I went through my Osmosis Jones movie and looked for the perfect body position for my arties (which includes rewinding and freezing it over and over again until I got the body position and facial expression right), and then there's the cut and paste, erasing here and there around the background for Ozzy (which was a real killer thing to do, FTW) and editing his collar (coz originally Leah's hand was there) and Thrax's facial expression (because his eyes were originally open), and voila! My own Ozzy/Thrax masterpiece!

Now, if only this were real in the movie...

Happy 'Mother's Day
When Mother's Day was coming, I kinda sorta have a distaste for Mother's Day at the time because of a damned past, so I thought, "How am I gonna celebrate something I hate?"

Then my muse told me, "Hey, how's about celebrating it by dedicating this to all the mom-dads out there that we've forced to endure our crazy fangirl fetishes of MPREG?"

So here we are! Here's to all the 'mothers' whom we dragged them to suffer our twisted fantasies~! I drew this inspired by a picture drawn by :iconmarsw:

Sunset Boulevard
Don't ask me why this title, it just popped in my head.

Wanted to go for a Grease-esque kinda feel for this, you know, the goody-goody school boy falling for the bad-ass biker boy kinda thing

Thrax's New Outfit
Did this for the Thrax's New Outfit Contest in :iconthrax-lovers: group.

Just thought that since he's the Red Death, I might as well dress him as an actual Death character. Given that he doesn't really look like RED per se, but still, he's sorta Death personified.

Watch the World Burn
Just felt like drawing this when I saw a scene in a movie in that sort of pose (totally forgot what was the movie). Might even be a premise for my upcoming doujin, maybe not. Like I said, just felt like drawing

Love Thrax in that running body pose though. So sexy :horny:

Who's Your Daddy?
Aww~ Yeah~ U da Daddy~!

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