Friday, November 25, 2005

The REAL Academy: The Casts

Smoking Bomber
Hated the Academy ever since he almost lost his life trying to escape from their secret lab and away from their demented experiments. He has the ability to conjure up bombs using smoke and materializing them into lethal exploding weapons, and the Academy wanted to use him for their dirty works. Started up this league after months of healing and rehabilitation, vowing to save the trapped souls that are unable to escape the clutches of the Academy and prevent as much people as possible not to enter this university.

Bulletproof Scientist
Joined the league due to his special abilities. He was another one of the Academy's labrats when they injected him with a DNA that can make him propell and control incoming bullets as he pleases. Smoking Bomber was able to save him from a life of crime and converted him into one of his team members. He became a double-agent, continuing to serve the Academy but secretly reports to Smoking Bomber of any vile plans the Academy have in store for those innocent graduates. Though the rest of the team had a problem having him as a double-agent, Smoking Bomber trusts him very much.

Mysterious Mage
Started this league together with his cousin Smoking Bomber. A very mysterious guy who displays lack of emotion and often cold and distant. Refuses to show his face and always had a hood across it. He even locks the door tight so as not to let anyone enter his room to be able to see his true self. Not even Jackson knew how he really looked like. Like his cousin, he has supernatural powers of his own and enhances it with the practice of magic. Shares the same hate for the Academy.

The rookie of the league. Joined the league after being fascinated by their intense hate for the Academy and their will power to fight against them. She was born from a tribe where survival is the fittest and a creative mind is the key to surviving. Her big brother had enrolled to the Academy and was never seen again and she left her tribal village to find out the truth. Began hating the Academy when she found out that her brother was killed by one of their so-called flawed machinery (her brother took Engineering) and vowed to avenge his death.

Here are some misc characters in the stories. There's All Star, the little puppy. Eye, the guy who sees loads of things through time, as in he's able to see past, present and future. Then there's our mini member in the team, the Chaplain Snapster who is more of a spy in our team. And there's the Tarot Tomb, Ammelinna and the guy who prompted us to create the Anti-Curtin League: the TRA Head, the evil of all evil

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