Monday, January 24, 2011

My Works in Paper

Totally forgot to share with you guys that my works, for a short time, actually made it into the public papers.

It wasn't really easy, what with having to "audition" for it via showing my art samples, and having connections within the department to secure me a reputation there, but finally managed to do it, and managed let my comic strip run for 10 weeks consecutively (on every Saturday papers, one strip per day), but due to late payments and miscommunication, in addition to the editor actually quitting the job and left for his hometown, it was discontinued.

With the new management, I wonder if I should try my luck again though...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Don't You Do Right - My Fandub

I was surfing YouTube when I found this karaoke footage of the famous Jessica Rabbit singing her trademark song in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and after looking through a few people using that footage to voice dub their own, I decided to give it a shot too. LOL!

I sound like someone stepped on a cat, by the way... -_-;;

Disclaimer: I do not own whatever was used to make this video

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Consumer Fair 2011 Vids

Here be my videos that I have taken from my experience of going to the Consumer Fair 2011

Gotta give them kudos for their enthusiastic spirit though XD

Some way cool yo-yo stunts

The uber cute dinosaur pet

Here be the design in Ocean World, which I probably can do something better than this with my eyes closed, especially the mermaid

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lotsa Love, Lotsa Hate


I googled myself for fun to see how am I doing in the world wide web. Apparently I'm quite popular online despite the fact that in real life, I totally do not exist XD. I get both love and hate from everyone, but ah well, you can't please everybody, I suppose -_-

An example of being loved, to the point where people actually voice-over for my own drawings

An example of being hated, to the point where someone actually made a video of flaming my work *-_-;;

Ah well, like I said, I can't please every single people in the world, but I try. And I relish that I get more love than hate. Make love, not war, people V ^_^ V

Romantically Apocalyptically Romantic

I am the captain.
The year is 20__ something something.
I stopped counting a while ago, and therefore not sure what day it is.
Humanity is virtually wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.
Me and my last squad: pilot, sniper and engineer, live in the wasteland ruins of tomorrow.
This is my story.
I am captain.

I've always been an uber number one fan of :iconalexiuss:'s works ever since I first saw it in dA. Fucking amazing detailed drawings but maintaining its comic strip and humour style. It's almost very rare to find people drawing humourous realism art, and they took it to the uber next level.

A highly recommended read. If you want to, you can click on the icon of that naked lady there to read it in dA or go here to read it and maybe even if you really, really, REALLY want to, order their published works and memorabilia in that site as well.