Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hey guys. Long time no post on this blog, but I would like to share something that holds very strongly in my heart since I discovered the link in Tumblr.

This is Clarissa, created by these talented artists in their web comic site, dealing with the issues of living life as a sexually abused child. I will share the one that hit my heart the most, and if you want to read more from the beginning, you can go here.

It's not meant to be funny, or cute, or whatever. It's very heart-wrenching in a way, living in a household that pretends that everything is OK even though they know in their hearts that it is not: A father who rapes her every night, a mother who knows about the rape but is either indifferent or couldn't do anything about it, and two elder brothers who thinks the reason for the family's fake facade and unhappiness is her fault (the eldest brother) and who knows things are not OK but tries to pacify and pretend everything is OK for the sake of the family due to fear (the second brother).

It's really sad and no child should ever go through this.

Disclaimer: I do not own the comics above. It belongs to Jason Yungbluth