Friday, December 30, 2011

Lovers' Rivalry


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can't Cheat Death

This comic is cute, thought I'd share with you guys.

Comic art in minimalistic at its best

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-4

First panel
Suzy: Auntie, next time you don't have to trouble yourself cooking up a storm for me.

Second panel
Suzy: Just call me over, and I can have a cook-out with you. I'd love you to try out my cooking as well.

Third panel
Mom: Uh...OK, I...I promise...

Fourth panel
Kimin: He he, not only did Suzy pass Mommy's test...

Last panel
Kimin: She is now my sister-in-law!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-3

First panel
Kimin: That night we finally met Boboy's girlfriend. Her name was Suzy. She's kinda pretty...

Second panel
Kimin: But she's gotta pass our Mommy's test first!

Last panel
Kimin & Mom: Stomach!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-2

First panel
Mom: I bought this fish from a Chinese hawker just now. I forgot what's the fish called, but according to the hawker's wife if I want to test if Boboy's girlfriend is the Right One, this is the best fish to do it, because it's not the flesh that's tasty, but the stomach.

Second panel
Mom: So if she takes the flesh, she's a good girl.

Third panel
Mom: If she goes straight for the stomach, then it's not good, meaning she's selfish.

Fourth panel
Kimin: Is Boboy's girlfriend...a Chinese?
Mom: Yeah. How do you know that?
Kimin: No wonder she chose this fish.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-1

Kimin's close-up
Kimin: What?

First panel
Mom: Your brother is bringing home his girlfriend for dinner with us tonight.

Second panel
Kimin: Since when does Boboy have a girlfriend?!
Mom: Boboy is still a guy, after all

Third panel
Kimin: Well, I don't really mean that way. What I meant was I thought Boboy was...

Fourth panel
Kimin: A freakin' bookworm...Having nerds for friends...Not a single interest in girls at all...
Mom: That's a little over the top thinking your brother that way, Kimin.

Fifth panel
Kimin: So is Boboy's girlfriend alright?
Mom: I dunno. Never really got to meet her.

Sixth panel
Mom: But I got an idea on how to test her out~!
Kimin: Mommy...

Kimin's Diary-Cover Title

Life of a teenage girl is full of spice and twist and turns, and for Kimin, it is nothing short than interesting.

Join her tales and adventures as she records her life and its experiences, an entry at a time

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tech Fair

These are the videos taken during the tech fair, which you can read it here.