Monday, August 11, 2014

School Days (Part 1)

This is something I created using those digital paper dolls on Rinmaru Games, a sort of manga creator flash game and made this silly little short up.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Roomies-Perverts Till The End

Page finale of The Roomies

This is the last I've ever have in store since after I left my mother, I didn't bring it along somehow, trying to tell myself I'm outgrowing on dolls (which is a sad fake fact bcoz in the end I ended up getting other dolls to compensate for it ^^; ), so my strips have ended here abruptly

Perverts to the end, people

The Roomies-Buying A Car (Part 2)

Page 35 of The Roomies

Landlady has grabbed their dough! XD Good luck on that, Roy!

The Roomies-Buying A Car (Part 1)

Page 34 of The Roomies

That used to be my mom's car, but I helped keep it there until it gets officially sold

The Roomies-Class Chat

Page 33 of The Roomies

Yes, I actually took this photos for the strip during the 10-min break in class. XD Told you I shamelessly brought them everywhere

The Roomies-Mommy's Boy

Page 32 of The Roomies

Dan's mom at it again

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 5)

Page 31 of The Roomies

These three sure are desperate

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 4)

Page 30 of The Roomies

Couldn't keep your piehole shut, could you?

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 3)

Page 29 of The Roomies

All hail to bring down the landlady XD

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 2)

Page 28 of The Roomies

Cold joke is cold...

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 1)

Page 27 of The Roomies

Yup this was the campus library. You have to put your bags in lockers before entering the library to prevent book theft.

Those munchkins just HAD to be trapped in there, don't they?

The Roomies-Working Out

Page 26 of The Roomies

Roy seriously needs to consider about his short legs XD

The Roomies-Special Guests

Page 24 of The Roomies

I was at my BFF's home when I had the inspiration to take this XD

The Roomies-Cruise Control

Page 25 of The Roomies

LOL, yeah, these 3 having their weird conversations again. I suck at jokes and puns, don't kill me

The Roomies-Fishing Buddies

Page 23 of The Roomies

Yeah, I had to improvise on the fishing rod there. I didn't have Photoshop back then, only MSPaint

The Roomies-God Bless 'Em

Page 22 of The Roomies

LOL! I took this at the campus river actually, was almost worried that they'll fall in while I took the pics

The Roomies-Gossip

Page 21 of The Roomies

Sorry for the small ass text though, I was working on this on MSPaint at the time and it hates me

The Roomies-Karma is a Sweet, Sweet Bitch

Page 20 of The Roomies

Karma biting the person you hate on the ass is sweet, sweet victory

The Roomies-The Desperado

Page 19 of The Roomies

Dan, the desperado XD

The Roomies-Job Hunt

Page 18 of The Roomies

Yeah, totally the wrong job here

The Roomies-Raiding the Fridge

Page 17 of The Roomies

Yup this is our fridge alright, shared by me and my housemates, though they're the ones seeming to stock things up while I survived on instant noodles ^^;

The Roomies-The Landlady Strikes Again

Page 16 of The Roomies

The landlady sure is a creeper

The Roomies-Eating Out

Page 15 of The Roomies

Yes, I actually brought this shamelessly to a fast food restaurant. That's how thick-faced I am

The Roomies-Play Ball! (Part 3)

Page 14 of The Roomies

Yes, Dan would do anything to impress his pals

The Roomies-Play Ball! (Part 2)

Page 13 of The Roomies

Poor Nelson. His passion got the better of him

The Roomies-Play Ball! (Part 1)

Page 12 of The Roomies

There was a basketball court near our campus and the guys were playing ball there, so I decided, what the heck. Inspiration calls ^_^

The Roomies-Emo Brooder

Page 11 of The Roomies

Dan can be really emo over the most petty things

The Roomies-One Man Trailer

Page 10 of The Roomies

Yeah, I totally did not watch Pablo Francisco for this XD

The Roomies-Sharing is Caring

Page 9 of The Roomies

Dan is not keen on sharing XD

The Roomies-We Are Men

Page 8 of The Roomies

Nelson is only a man after all...

The Roomies-Cheap Entertainment

Page 7 of The Roomies

LOL, Nelson is cheapskate, that's what he is

The Roomies-Pervy Passengers

Page 6 of The Roomies

I was riding in the car with my friend to campus when I took this. He's very sporting to let me snapshot him like this XD

Yes, seriously, during the production of this comic strip I carried them around everywhere

Pervs will be pervs, again...

The Roomies-Pervs Will Be Pervs

Page 5 of The Roomies

Pervs will be pervs

The Roomies-Computer Illiterates


Page 3 of The Roomies

They seriously need to learn how to use a computer ^^;

The Roomies-Trading Cards

Page 4 of The Roomies

Seriously, those are my collection of cards. Shows how serious a collector I am

The Roomies-Snackage

Page 2 of The Roomies

The landlady strikes again

The Roomies-Introduction

Page 1 of The Roomies

Thus The Roomies are born.

If you're wondering, Nelson (Pikachu) has a Aussie/Scottish accent, Dan has a typical American accent and Roy has a Southern/Texas accent

The Roomies

The Roomies, a silly photmanip comic strip that I created way back when inspired by ALP (Alien Loves Predator), featuring my Pikachu doll, my Doberman beanie doll and my Ram plushie ^_^

Since it's sort of like an original comic for me, just thought I'd share into this blog as well.