Thursday, February 24, 2011

CNY Lion Dance Drums: Jackster Style

I totally forgot to share this video of my best friend's failed attempt at playing the lion dance drums during the Chinese New Year celebration down in Seria

Well, better late than never! XD

Spontaneous Combustion!

The video footage of the accident that I have blogged here. Just thought I'd post it here since it's a video genre and all. It's a little bit shaky since I was holding it up but couldn't really get a good shot and all, so for those who have motion sickness, please refrain from watching

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever~!!

My best Valentine's Day gift ever!!

Well, technically it's a request done for me by the talented Tosakenmarimo, who is genuinely from Japan and had just recently joined in the dA community.

They draw the BEST Thrax and OJ arts EVER!!! I totally fell in love with their art straightaway and requested them to draw this for me, even I only just knew them and everything. That's how much bold-faced and worshipping their art I am!

Wanna see their art? Go click on their dA name there! Now!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jon Swearing

This is absolutely hilarious, a comic strip that I got from my part-timer friend of Jon swearing at Garfield! LOL! I think Jon snapped and couldn't take his shit no more! I just really have to share it!! XD

For the record, this is not some random fan making a Garfield-bashing comic strip with just using excellent Photoshop skills or whatever, this is actually drawn by the yours truly Jim Davis as a more of a personal tryout thing for fun and was not for publication, though I have no idea how my part-timer was able to get this comic strip.

If he were to actually publicize this as an actual part of his comic strip, Jim would totally face the wrath of many Garfield fans and parents out there, and possibly scar the young 'uns for life!! XD

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Alpha Team Pile-Up

FINALLY! After friggin 2 weeks, 2 WEEKS!!! I finally finished this damn thing.

I saw the original base here and thought I'd challenge myself to try drawing my old characters from the manga "The Alpha Team" that I used to draw from 4th grade for hire from a friend of mine who's a die-hard fan.

I had to use MSPaint due to the pixelated nature of the drawing, and I tend to end up forgetting that the usual keyboard shortcuts I used in Photoshop does not apply in MSPaint :stupidme: This is the first time I've drawn using base, so don't sue me or anything.

Old characters are old. Haven't drawn them in forever and drawing them now brings me back memories.

Full character profile (from top to bottom):

Rony Romboon-Initially an off-screen character whom Juana and the gang used to be best pals with. Born mute, he didn't have much friends and was never well-to-do enough to be sent to special school as his parents, who had a criminal record, did not entitle him to have special funding. Usually communicates through pen and pocketbook he carries with him all the time, and hand gestures and sign languages he invented himself, mostly through miming (remember, PDAs and cellphones weren't in the vogue at the time). He died due to a rare blood disease, and the gang often referred to him from time to time in flashbacks, especially when Timmy reminds them very much of him in terms of features. He was then resurrected as a pawn to kill Timmy by the hired assassins from the other dimension, and the gang had no choice to kill him and watch him die in their arms all over again.

Tony Arturos-A very happy-go-lucky guy who is the optimist and clown of the group. Started off as the shortest boy of the gang with only karate skills to defend himself, he was like epitome of Beastboy Syndrome in the team to hide his insecurities about unable to fight as well as his team members. He caught bone cancer later in the series and hid the truth from everyone else. He drowned in the sea when there was an enemy attack and was brought back to life by a group of mermaids who so happen to find his body sinking down into their territory. He lived in the sea as a merman for quite some time, even to the point of almost getting engaged with one of the lores (a merpeople's slang for royal blood) until he saw Geri trying to commit suicide by jumping into the same spot where he drowned. He saved him, regained his memories and love for Geri and decided to live his life back on the shore as a half-merman. So every time his feet hit water, it immediately changed to a tail, though on the upside, his life as a merman with a different diet had increased his height twofolds than his original height. He didn't seem to mind loving Geri though knowing he's a hermaphrodite

Geri Lou a.k.a Princess Masha Ashlee-He is Timmy's elder brother/sister. He has the same power as Timmy plus war-like self-defense arts to match. He's born a hermaphrodite (a rare occurrence but not an uncommon gender in their dimension's society) and had physical features of a girl (non-protruding boobs withstanding) but a facial feature of a boy, hence leaning more towards Princess. After the civil war, he was recruited as one of the bad guys and had led a life of crime. He was sent to Earth by the enemy to capture Timmy and bring him back to their dimension so that he could denounce his title as future King and give it to the enemy. He infiltrated the team and pretended to be one of them, with all the intention to either bring Timmy back or just kill him on the spot. He initially blames Timmy for abandoning him and letting him to die in the hands of the enemy and want nothing more than to see him dead. But his perspective soon changed when he fell in love with Tony. Though despite being madly in love with Tony, hard years of war, torture and suffering hardened his pride and was probably only be able to open up a little for Tony. Other than that, he was like a split attitude of Vegeta

Ganesh Krishnan-A childhood friend of Juana who used to live next door to her when they were younger until he and his family migrated to Australia. He returned for a class reunion and he and Juana ended up reunited. As he grew up in a family of boys, he viewed Juana as a sister he never had, and somehow developed a sister-complex over her. The enemies took advantage of that and twisted his emotions so that he would see Timmy as a threat to his bond between Juana and kill him. But thankfully, with the power of sisterly love, he was restored to his normal self, but decided to stay permanently instead of going back to Australia in the pretense of finding a secure job, but in truth, to repay back what he had done to his beloved sister.

George Arturos-Tony's twin brother. Despite being twins, he was the complete polar opposite of Tony: pessimist, sarcastic, and often angry at being mistaken as Tony despite dyeing a green highlight through his hair and wore red contacts to differentiate the both of them. He always wanted to prove to everyone that he and Tony were different individuals, despite the fact that he secretly knew that there are things that quite similar between them. Was an on and off group member, mostly around to help out whenever he feels like it or whenever he thinks the gang was shorthanded. But in reality, he is secretly a vigilante running an underground organization equivalent to "Fight Club" and going around in the dead of night to perform leftist movements and activities, and none of the gang were the wiser.

James Chee-An all-round bad-ass, he is Timmy's nemesis and all-time jerk. He's probably your neighbourhood bully/bad boy of all time, which inhibits the physical and mental stereotypes of such genre. He refuses to believe in Timmy and Geri being from other dimensions, and often attribute certain display of their powers as a hallucination, magic tricks or a coincidence. When the gang started attributing super powers as well and a huge fight between the gang and the enemies occurred right before his eyes, his jilted and scorned pride fueled his stubbornness and called Timmy and Geri "foreigners from overseas" and strongly believes that only foreigners from other countries were "different" than the locals, thus the "non-local" powers, and called the gang as "mixed blood" or "Eurasians" since they displayed powers even as "locals". He would occasionally help the gang on certain fights, but stood strong to his opinion of them even though people--and circumstances--were screaming right at his face

Bella Nia-One of Nicholas' many exes. She has a raging libido and was a classic nymphomaniac, in which Nicholas was unable to keep up with her needs, in addition to her materialistic and gold-digger attitude, thus breaking up with her. She was probably the only person whom Nicholas actually made the move to end the relationship. Nevertheless, she proved to be a good shoulder to lean on and a lending ear to listen Nicholas' woes whenever he mourns about his recent lost of love, and be his sex buddy and occasional on-off rebound girlfriend until he finds a new person. She works in, needless to say, in an escort house as a girlfriend-for-hire

Billy Nia-Bella's fraternal twin brother. Five minutes older than her, he revels that fact and uses it as a weapon to get whatever he wants first. The supremacy attitude of his also earned the title of being a jerk second to James. He had always been gunning for Geri the first time he saw him, even though he, too, knew Geri was hermaphrodite, and had tried many ways to capture his heart, seeing his cold demeanour as a sign of playing hard-to-get. His pursuits turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise as it awakened Tony's true feelings for Geri. Seeing Tony as the ultimate rival, he and Tony were constantly competing for Geri's affection, much to Geri's chagrin. He had tried to take advantage of Geri's grief over Tony's "death", but his suicide proved to Billy that he loved Tony more than he could ever love Billy, thus from that day forward, Billy decided to switch his romantic love to brotherly love for Geri and spoils him rotten, much more than he should've spoiled his own sister

Nicholas Voo-A fat, fun-loving guy who specializes in martial arts and heavy-weight boxing. He is rather unlucky with love because every time he gets a new girlfriend they either die or move away to another place, but thankfully has Bella to ease his wounds temporarily. Tough and jolly, yet a little sensitive on the inside. He also has the power to heal (something like Wolverine's) due to accidentally eating a radioactive apple that seemed to end up getting mixed up into a regular batch of apples, and had, for a brief moment, been taken into custody for experimental testing before the apple enhanced his strength and explosive powers of his punches to bring the lab down to the ground and bludgeoned the company into submission to leave him alone

Walter Gilla-Mostly there as a stand-in character or a go-to guy whenever they needed help of the tech genre. Would actually help out with missions, but most of the time was the behind-the-scenes guy and is more or less comfortable with it as he has a bit of a weak heart and cannot be too excited. Is both secretly in love with Juana and Candy and often cannot decide which to choose from, having a hidden shrine within his closet of their pictures for him to stare at and decide, which always comes out a fruitless indecision

Timmy Lou a.k.a. Prince Gyver Ashlee-A prince from another dimension and our main hero of the entire series, he was sent to Earth incubated in a rock during the civil war in his country. He has mystical powers along with a bit of weaponry expertise and sword-fighting in between, any form of self-defense a regular prince would have, he had pretty much learnt it. Juana was the one who discovered him and brought him home for the gang to see. Timmy was his Earth name also given by Juana. He looks a lot like the gang's late best friend Rony who died from his disease. A born leader and very strong, he tends to blame himself sometimes for certain things that happens to his team member, more so when he regains his memories and learns the truth of his lineage and his hometown, thinking that it was his fault his parents died and Geri becoming the way he is. He cares a lot about the team as much as his girlfriend Juana

Juana Lee-She was the first person to have discovered Timmy when he crash landed into her backyard and took him in, and was the one who gave him his name after deciding that naming him after their dead friend Rony was not very appropriate. She is a half-cyborg who had gone through an near-fatal accident involving a truck that was that almost cost her her life and had to be modified into one to survive, retaining most of her inner organs and senses, including her reproductive organs. She has powers just like any other cyborgs would (though aside from popping out laser guns and whatnot; think Terminatrix in T3) and is the prince's lover. She is sweet, fun-loving and have this utmost sense of adventure and justice, though sometimes her good intentions may result into a bit of an awry consequence at times

Annie Lou-She is an alter ego of Geri, manifested into physical being whenever Geri is knocked out unconscious if a blunt force trauma is implied. She represents the innocence she had lost after years of being in enemy lines, and would come out as a spoilt brat with the mentality of a 12-year-old and an attitude of a dumb bitchy blonde. Geri's hair will elongated and turn strawberry blonde and the eyes will become one red and one green, and her physical body would be more female-pronounced, and those are the signs that Annie has showed up, and once she shows up, it is very hard to send her back in as she tend to refuse to live in a cage of emotions within Geri and thought Geri was a pathetic ball of filth that dominated her, and thinks she truly belonged to this body instead of Geri. Many, especially Tony, were troubled by this until they finally were able to extract that physical manifestation out into being with the help of sorcery, but she only managed to live for 3 months before fading away to nothingness, finally having made peace with Geri

Kimura Shou-An American-Japanese Eurasian who runs a printing company that specialize in printing the supernatural and the weird. After being rescued by Nicholas from an incoming train when he got himself stuck on the tracks, he became the gang's greatest fan, dedicated in interviewing and finding out as much as possible the gang's origins and source of power. More of a comic relief character who often pops out of the blue to "interrogate" them, usually announcing himself by saying his catchphrase "It's Kimura time~!", though occasionally he can provide info to the gang when they needed to know about a certain legend or backstory of sorts

Candy Lee-An illusive, mysterious character who harbours a deep hate towards the gang, mostly towards her half-sister Juana, and wants nothing more than the gang destroyed. She went missing after celebrating her 12th birthday and has never returned home since, only occasionally showing up during certain occasions. Often uses Walter for her ulterior motives, she would create elaborate plans to try and ruin the gang, though often with failed results. She was probably the only person who despises the gang without any influences of the enemy, and had been the first to successfully defy the enemy when they tried to recruit her, stating that her business with the gang was of her own and she didn't need petty special privileges from others to succeed. Her motives and hate for the gang was still unclear, though it is possible that her hate was derived from the fact that she was jealous of the super powers they earned and also the fact that her family showered more love and attention to Juana than herself