Friday, December 30, 2011

Lovers' Rivalry


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can't Cheat Death

This comic is cute, thought I'd share with you guys.

Comic art in minimalistic at its best

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-4

First panel
Suzy: Auntie, next time you don't have to trouble yourself cooking up a storm for me.

Second panel
Suzy: Just call me over, and I can have a cook-out with you. I'd love you to try out my cooking as well.

Third panel
Mom: Uh...OK, I...I promise...

Fourth panel
Kimin: He he, not only did Suzy pass Mommy's test...

Last panel
Kimin: She is now my sister-in-law!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-3

First panel
Kimin: That night we finally met Boboy's girlfriend. Her name was Suzy. She's kinda pretty...

Second panel
Kimin: But she's gotta pass our Mommy's test first!

Last panel
Kimin & Mom: Stomach!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-2

First panel
Mom: I bought this fish from a Chinese hawker just now. I forgot what's the fish called, but according to the hawker's wife if I want to test if Boboy's girlfriend is the Right One, this is the best fish to do it, because it's not the flesh that's tasty, but the stomach.

Second panel
Mom: So if she takes the flesh, she's a good girl.

Third panel
Mom: If she goes straight for the stomach, then it's not good, meaning she's selfish.

Fourth panel
Kimin: Is Boboy's girlfriend...a Chinese?
Mom: Yeah. How do you know that?
Kimin: No wonder she chose this fish.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kimin's Diary-Entry 1-1

Kimin's close-up
Kimin: What?

First panel
Mom: Your brother is bringing home his girlfriend for dinner with us tonight.

Second panel
Kimin: Since when does Boboy have a girlfriend?!
Mom: Boboy is still a guy, after all

Third panel
Kimin: Well, I don't really mean that way. What I meant was I thought Boboy was...

Fourth panel
Kimin: A freakin' bookworm...Having nerds for friends...Not a single interest in girls at all...
Mom: That's a little over the top thinking your brother that way, Kimin.

Fifth panel
Kimin: So is Boboy's girlfriend alright?
Mom: I dunno. Never really got to meet her.

Sixth panel
Mom: But I got an idea on how to test her out~!
Kimin: Mommy...

Kimin's Diary-Cover Title

Life of a teenage girl is full of spice and twist and turns, and for Kimin, it is nothing short than interesting.

Join her tales and adventures as she records her life and its experiences, an entry at a time

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deaths of Artists

RIP Takeshi Shudo

The creator of Pokemon, Takeshi Shudo, passed away at 4:03 AM JST on October 29th at the age of 61.

“MSN Japan reports that Takeshi Shudō, former head writer of the Pokémon anime, collapsed at Nara railway station’s smoking area around 6:00am on Thursday, October 28th. Upon being discovered by a passerby, he was rushed to the hospital and is undergoing surgery. It was soon determined at the hospital’s emergency care center that Shudō had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in his head. ” -bulbanews

RIP Yoshito Usui

I found out a few weeks ago from a fellow Deviant Art friend of mine, Raidenokreuz, that Yoshito Usui, creator of Crayon Shin Chan was dead. He died on Sept 11 on a hiking accident. Autopsy shows that he might have fallen to his death while taking a picture from a cliff as a broken digital camera was found beside his body at the crime scene.

I more or less grew up with Shin Chan when I first bought the manga when I was in Primary 4. I totally laugh like a maniac every time Shin Chan does something outrageously silly and that manga pretty much relieves my stress whenever I read them. I never watched the anime coz his drawings is already kinda, sorta ugly enough. But despite the ugliness of the drawing, the humour overshadows it and you can really just forget that flaw and just enjoy the storyline for the sake of it. Although to read this, you must throw all logic away.

I've read his other works before and they were in nature, not for kiddies' eyes, but other than that, his works still rocks. I was in shock to hear about his death. It was just so...overwhelming to hear that this man who had brought smiles and laughter to everyone in the world would be...well...dead.

Even my fiance was shocked. First we lost the King of Pop Michael Jackson, then we lost Farah Fawcett, one of the women who started Charlie's Angels, and now this. What is it with this year and celebrities' deaths?

RIP, Yoshito Usui. You'll be dearly missed...

One of them I already posted in my personal blog but since it's art-related, I decided to post a copy here

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ugly as Fuck

I was back in my hometown and somehow dug through my old drawers of my childhood home and discovered some old drawings I had that I did when I was a kid

During the golden years of Disney, I prolly have watched every single Disney movie under the sun. And yes, at the tender age of grade school, I've already discovered the art of gender-bending.

This is my Disney gender-bends, drawn when I was 9 or 10


Life Search

This is a super old art project entitled 'Life Search' I did with my buds in A-Levels inspired by One Piece, featuring me and my buddies

Yes, we used One Piece official poster art as reference. Sue us XP

Life Search: Character Profile

This is a super old art project I did with my buds in A-Levels inspired by One Piece, featuring me and my buddies

Our character profiles modeled over our own fav One Piece character

Dholl Arts

Like creepy dark arts?

Have a thirst for the macabre?

Go click on the image above and check out this art site.

It'll feed your morbid fascination for the creepers

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Death & The Maiden

Ever since I posted that drawing of Death and his lover in that Monster and Maiden post, I've been obsessed with looking for the perfect Death & human lover art.

And look what I have found?!

The most terrifying yet the most beautiful necro art I have ever seen in my life.

Death & The Maiden is based on this poem by the fabulous composition by Schubert based on a poem by German poet Matthias Claudius:

Pass me by! Oh, pass me by!
Go, fierce man of bones!
I am still young! Go, rather,
And do not touch me.
And do not touch me.

Give me your hand, you beautiful and tender form!
I am a friend, and come not to punish.
Be of good cheer! I am not fierce,
Softly shall you sleep in my arms!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Much Appreciated~!

Sometimes it just feels awesome to be receiving gifts from fellow fans and friends.

These are just some of the many wonderful gifts (that I managed to filter out of the gajillion favs I have in my fav gallery) that are given to me. Might add others as well soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tumblr Meme

I saw this in Tumblr and I just COULDN'T resist, not after seeing what uber witty titles that other people had made in Tumblr.

See the results of other works and those who wanna do can get the original blank meme here

Friday, August 26, 2011

Taste of Reality

A few words from the original artist themselves:

A fantastic collab with :iconanga-cosmos:!!

Anga was the mastermind behind this concept. He thought of the idea and I merely drew under his direction. The drive behind the concept was very clever. He wanted the first half, where Simba is still in the Disney world, to be drawn by me in my digital comic style. This was then contrasted with his own style. Compared with my style, Anga's traditional drawings bring out the harsh reality of the second world - where Simba meets reality. Of course, this is based on the movie Matrix. In the film, this was contrasted well with colour and form. Anga's idea reflected this well.

It was a great experience working with such an awesome artist. The final result is here for all to see. Great stuff Anga!


Anga's words:

It's all started with :iconjuffs:'s kiriban. Before that I had an idea - to draw comics with someone. And then suddenly I saw the number 6665 in the Juffy's gallery. After 30 minutes of waiting, finally i caught kiriban. Well, after that all started. I don't know how Juffy tolerated me because I was sometimes too meticulous. Thanks her for her patience. After she showed me the first sketches, I was very happy. It was so cool - a person from far away draws by my sketches! And I am very thankful to her for that.
Her style is perfectly approached to this idea.
We've done a cool job!
Hope you like it

Awesome work. One part of me is in awe of it and other part of me can't stop laughing! XD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Cream Skribble

Trying my luck on this Skribble contest that was going on in dA in conjunction with the 11th dA Birthday celebrations. Not expecting to win much coz of the super entries out there I've seen so far, but who knows? Keeping my fingers crossed here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zeitgeist Preview Arts

My friend and I, who goes by the codename Mimeme for privacy (and shyness) reasons, have been collaborating on writing an IZ fanfic. She has two in mind: a main one and an AU one that are snippets that sets the main one in motion. I'm co-authoring the AU part, mainly because she's borrowing my IZ OC Majara and a few others for the AU part.

Here, with her permission, I feature some of her doodles based on the fanfic.

Concept art of Dib and Gaz

My most favourite scene in which she doodled the POV of Twik after his smeeby was a failure

Concept art of Deez and Taz, lovechild of Gaz/Zim

The Tallest with their young smeets groomed to be the next in line for the Tallest

Short doodle of Dib and Zim arguing, which brought back Zim's old wounds

Concept art of the new generation of Pak-less Irkens

More concept art of the Pakless Irkens at a younger age

Concept art again of Dib and Gaz

My OC Majara, revamped by her, which is pretty awesome, ftw
My OC Majara in her human disguise. Way better than I have imagined X3

One of the early scenes of Chapter 1 of the main fic

Tallest Purple being one of those "Who's my cute smeet~? Yes, you are~! Yes, you are~!" Daddies XD

The enemy our IZ gang will face in the main fic, the Navokai, which is a sort of parasitic drone that inhibits people, both human and Irkens alike

Doodle scene of the battle at the end of the main fic

Super sad death scene, the end game of the main fic [oh noes~! spoilers~!]

There you have it. So totally look forward to our upcoming (tentative title) Zeitgeist!