Official Comic List

COMICS I HAVE DRAWN (Done and Completed):

HIKAYAT KADET POLIS (Police Cadet Tales)
It’s a story between love, hate and a fight for justice as 4 police colleagues: Judith, Ken, Peter and Hazeline and their inspector, Jennifer had logged on a case of mysterious killings that have been constantly occurring in the sweet town of Labuan, Sabah which led them a strange gargoyle clan who were cursed in stone for a thousand years.

HIKAYAT KADET POLIS – THE NEW GENERATION (Police Cadet Tales - The New Generation)

Conan (Judith and Ken’s son), Keiko & Kimura (Jennifer and Nube’s kids) and Daewoo & Orwell (Hazeline and Peter’s kids) together with the gargies Goliath, Brooklyn, Hudson and Lexington (Misbun and Mei Lin’s kids) must help Mujako, an alien from Planet Fantasy bring down the insolent demon King Cancer bent on world domination and restore peace once again. Sequel to Police Cadet Tales

HIKAYAT KADET POLIS – THE RESURRECTION (Police Cadet Tales - The Resurrection)
Peace has been restored once again, or hasn’t it? Conan, Keiko, Kimura, Daewoo and Orwell were now fully grown teenagers and 5 years has passed since King Cancer died, but not his faithful subject and his only heir, Black Diamond. Look out as the teens have to battle with the supernatural forces of nature, bear the loss of the gargoyles and cope with their love life. Final sequel to Police Cadet Tales Trilogy

PUTERA AIS – PART 1 to 5 (Ice Prince - Part 1 to 5)
It’s a story about a small child coping hard with his life to fulfill his dreams of being a famous ice-skier, from the perils of pain through the troubles of handicap through the devastating truth of his past and his love life and other pain-staking challenges.

Alex Benjone and Marmalade Chan were patients in a mental asylum. But when Alex and Marmalade accidentally opened a container filled with radioactive rays and spiced up their genes, their lives took a sharp turn and before they knew it, they turned into lean, mean, crime-fighting machines.

The war between Planet Aloylian and Planet Zaban forced Queen Ceres to let her concubine friend, Princess Aisha send her only daughter and heir, Princess Juno to Earth to be reborn, safe from harm. 13 years later, Princess Aisha had to come to Earth and guide Princess Juno who was now known as Ammelinna Amy in using her powers and find out about her past before having to prevent King Obern from succeeding in taking over her planet and becoming his evil Queen.

CIKGU AJAIB: NUBE – THE STORY (Hell Teacher Nube - The Story)
After 10 years since the absence of the gang’s (Hiroshi, Kyoko, Katsuya, Miki, Makoto & friends) favourite teacher Nueno Meizuke @ Nube Kaito, they all reunited together and began to recall the story about the time when a notorious demon named Kujuku-NoAshi-NoRyo appeared 10 years ago to destroy Nube’s school and everyone in it. Travel into a world where demons and humans battled for their rights; one for destruction and one for peace.

‘MY STORY’ COLLECTION (Basically a sort of Mary-Sue doujin collection):

I am the main character and am with my dream man Misbun Sidek. This is a trip to what I call history changing! Witness the spills and thrills of life as I suddenly suffer painful relapse of a different life while living in the Sidek family as one of their family members and also have to cope with a love rival named Mei Lin who entered Misbun’s life.

This story takes me to another one of my dream prince Katusya Kimura. In this story, I was a dream jinn and have just reached puberty and I have to choose between being a boy (incubus) or a girl (succubus). As Katsuya came into my life and made me decide quite by accident to be a girl and the knowledge of him being crazy about Miki, jealousy kicked in and boy, you’re in for a huge trouble breakthrough.


A story of 7 friends trying to survive in a haunted house from a demented murderous gardener and at the same time, trying to finish a good ghost story masterpiece.

The continuation of the 7 friends who were reincarnated and rediscovering their true roots of life while fighting scums of the earth.

A new adventure for the 7 friends on Earth where they have to battle with a high-tech virus in a VR game system and meeting with a new Beastie member and a dangerous intergalactic foe.

COMICS THAT I AM COMPLETING (Well, technically I was but never got to it and just ended up being scrapped):

A story about 3 girls who told their tale about their murders and why they did it before facing the death sentence together: 3 p.m. at 3 weeks later by the poisonous syringes.

Barbara Anderson has to find out the hard truth about her roots and past when she discovered that she was an adopted daughter in the Anderson family she was living in and that her two other sisters might be out there in Paris, and after finding them—one with the name Britney Sallyford and the other with the name Betty George—opened a chocolate shop and discovered who their true parents were and learn the first thing about romance.

The story of the Jone family and its 6 sons Ben, Ven, Len, Ken, Ien and Bun and their adventures as they try to cope with the ups and downs of teenage life, including romance, conflicts, family troubles and other things.

HIKAYAT KADET POLIS—A WHOLE NEW STORY (Police Cadet Tale - A Whole New Story)
The planned real sequel finale of the original Hikayat Kadet Polis trilogy where everything takes place in the 30th century with Arex Suzuki a.k.a. Blue Rex (Judith and Ken’s great grandson), Georgio & Peggiana McKlien a.k.a. Cyber Pets (Hazeline and Peter’s great grandkids) and Sheindo & Sheino Kaito a.k.a. Double Trouble (Jennifer and Nube’s great grandkids) together with the heir of the gargoyles Xavier, Xaxon, Xemonia and Xeeks as they battled the resurrected King Cancer using their latest Soldier of Fortune—a half-robot-half-gargoyle named Jjobe.

PENJELAJAHAN ANAK-ANAK ISMAIL (The Journey of the Ismail Bros)
Join the Ismail bros Bakriman, Abdullah, Mantrijib, Damansar and Hamidul as they embark on a cool journey into the world of the supernatural in hope of being able to help the 7 fairy princesses from the heathen treachery of an evil wizard and restore peace back into their world using the legendary flower called ‘Bunga Ulih Tujuh Serangkai’.

KISAH SI DUNGU (The Story of a Retard)
When a baby girl was born to a noble couple but was discovered to be retarded, her selfish relatives after the couple’s fortune couldn’t wait to get rid of it as soon as the couple died of a plane crash. She was left in an orphanage for the handicapped and was raised by the head doctor Dr. Couger as his own. She was given the name Sophia and everyone, even her close retard friends Danny and Donny, call her Sot-Sot. When an ambassador family moved into the town of Cammomile where she’s staying, Sot-Sot would soon experience a life-changing experience.

Earth, which was once filled with life, now became a waste dump after the nuclear war. But every death comes with a new life as the nuclear chemicals mixed with human blood got soaked into all the inanimate objects and brought them all to life. Soon a new civilization was born and life was peaceful until one day, another civilization of the same inanimate objects which were hibernating deep in the core of Earth awoke and planned on world conquest. It’s up to Zack, a plate, and the rest of his gang to bring them down once and for all!

B.U.N. / K.E.N.
A pair of boys who looked none the likeness but stuck together real close like glue was found in the middle of the woods unable to remember anything about their life, family or past. They were taken in by a family and lived among kids their age, calling themselves Bun and Ken. They amazed people by their genius minds, their perfectly good attitude and their tendency to be photogenic. As they made it into the modeling business, they were about to find out that they were not the normal people they think they were. A little bit gayish here, I must admit.

CIKGU AJAIB: NUBE—AFTERSHOCKS – PART 1 to 5 (Jigoku Sensei Nube: Aftershocks - Part 1 to 5)
This story is a sequel to Cikgu Ajaib: Nube—The Story as Hiroshida (Hiroshi and Kyoko’s son), Katsuki, Mitsukawa and Kimuya (Katsuya and Miki’s triplets) and MakoSaki (Makoto and SakiAi’s daughter) came across with life forms of the supernatural in their new Senior High in Hokkaido and having to turn to Nube’s only son Anatabe Meizuke Kaito, a waiter in an exclusive restaurant, to help get rid of the ghouls and ghosts.

J-GIRL RETURNS: CINTA ASMARA BERSAMA WARDEN (J-Girl Returns: Love with the Warden)
A sequel to the most lovable superhero in the world, J-Man, as J-Girl returned to the mental asylum as she promised 10 years ago with Mike the warden whom she loved. Unfortunately, he was being reassigned to another asylum in England and when she got there, she found out that Mike had an accident with one of the patients and had suffered a serious head injury, causing him to have amnesia. Now J-Girl had to deal with losing her powers as she grew older, trying to revive Mike’s memory and training her brother Aaron Benjone a.k.a. J-Boy who had inherited her father’s super powers.

Doraemon had to make the painful decision to leave Nobita as he finally grew up and was able to live the life of his own. As he shut down the Time Travel Passageway forever and tried to adjust to life without meeting every of Nobita’s whim and fancy, he found a mirror that took him through time and space where he realized that he had fallen into his before-life!

A sports industry called Sporty Co. needed new talent for their company to get more power in the business. They’ve discovered the Sidek Bros’ inner talents and decided to kidnap them, brainwash them, reconstruct their faces and make them the company’s star players. The company may have reaped millions over the sports industry, but they didn’t expect the arrival of Misbun’s (his new name is Maximillion) childhood girlfriend Julie and his high school sweetheart Mei Lin and their determination to set everything right and take them home.

DIARI SI UCAK (Little Ucak's Diary)
This is a 10-chaptered story about the days in life of Adrian Koovarla a.k.a. Si Ucak, a borne-retarded raised by a simple family and educated in a normal school due to the fact that modernization was scarce and special schools are unavailable. Around his loving teacher Ms. Ho, the beautiful class monitor Augustina Layla a.k.a. Beauty, the bully Karambu Alia and the best friend Soren Daudi a.k.a. Si Tempang (a leg-handicapped boy), he records his “experiences” under his diary the way he sees it.

A classic Paris story where Mirette, a hotel manager’s daughter got to meet with a very special and handsome tightrope walker named Bellini and discovered her talent in tightrope walking as well. There is a follow-up of mild romance in this story too, so whoever is into Lamoure, Paris is the cool place to be.


This time this story shows how soul mates and best friends can become lovers. Not another ‘Kuch-Kuch-Hota-He’ story, I assure you. What started out as best friends soon turned to lovers when Ben has saved me from a stupid suicide attempt.

In this story, as I am the main character, instead of being protected and cared by the hero Tamahome, I was protected and cared by my dream prince Chichiri and am not sure about his true feelings for me. As we continue to search for all the Suzaku seishi, the story would unfold into a cool web of romance and deception.

As usual, I am the main character and the story takes me to a time of sadness and tragic. I’ve failed my SPM, I didn’t get a job, my parents divorced and I ran away from home because I couldn’t stand their different expectations, my friends avoid me…it’s like my life was pretty much like crap. When I decided to commit suicide, that’s when Doraemon came out of nowhere and saved me. With his gadgets, he took me through space and time to a whole new dimension where I could start my life anew and face new challenges in new environments.

‘BATTLE’ COLLECTION (For this one, I might probably not scrap it, but continue it at my convenience):

Another new adventure where the 7 friends have to go through a grueling competition to both fight for a treasure to exempt them from school and also save an old hill.

The final sequel to the whole 5 books of the collection where the 7 friends discover that they were more than they thought they were. Also includes an extra hilarious special segment where 6 of the 7 were having problems trying to get along with their fiancés.

COMICS THAT CAN BE CONSIDERED (In other words, considered but never made it to paper)

A mysterious girl who drags her Easyback around and had captivated the heart of many, including Victor who went down the extra mile to be with her

GADIS JANTUNG BERDARAH (The Bleeding Heart Girl)
A girl who had the tendency to having a bleeding heart—literally—whenever her feelings get hurt and her relationship with a tomboy Dexter

GADIS PEMENDAM RASA (The Girl Who Bottled her Emotions)
A girl who lived with an abusive mother and learned painfully how to conceal her true emotion and be OK about it, until finally it got the better of her

A girl who was the only normal human left in the world among androids and mutants and set out on a quest to search for the last human man on Earth

A girl who became the backbone of a failing badminton team as she sat along with them while they practiced real hard and led them to their victory in so many years

GADIS PENCARI AYAH (The Girl Who Searched her Father)
A girl who discovered that her identity was not what she thought she was and her quest to find her real father and find out her real name