Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I dunno who's the original artist for this, or the real title, but I saw this in Tumblr and my heart just broke.

A simple but powerful message about love and loyalty that I just had to share.

So sad and so touching...

Lord Stingray the Man-Whore

Got these amazing art from quere.

It's Stingray from the cartoon Superjail.

I swear I have never been turned on by a character that I don't even know, LOL!

Stingray as a pussy boy. Ooh~! I can't get enough of pussy boys~! ;p

Stingray-gay or Stingray pussy boy~! I can't decide~!!

Stingray man-whoring at its best.

That's What She Said

This is...

Beyond words...

I just HAD to share...

*ovaries gone*