Friday, August 26, 2011

Taste of Reality

A few words from the original artist themselves:

A fantastic collab with :iconanga-cosmos:!!

Anga was the mastermind behind this concept. He thought of the idea and I merely drew under his direction. The drive behind the concept was very clever. He wanted the first half, where Simba is still in the Disney world, to be drawn by me in my digital comic style. This was then contrasted with his own style. Compared with my style, Anga's traditional drawings bring out the harsh reality of the second world - where Simba meets reality. Of course, this is based on the movie Matrix. In the film, this was contrasted well with colour and form. Anga's idea reflected this well.

It was a great experience working with such an awesome artist. The final result is here for all to see. Great stuff Anga!


Anga's words:

It's all started with :iconjuffs:'s kiriban. Before that I had an idea - to draw comics with someone. And then suddenly I saw the number 6665 in the Juffy's gallery. After 30 minutes of waiting, finally i caught kiriban. Well, after that all started. I don't know how Juffy tolerated me because I was sometimes too meticulous. Thanks her for her patience. After she showed me the first sketches, I was very happy. It was so cool - a person from far away draws by my sketches! And I am very thankful to her for that.
Her style is perfectly approached to this idea.
We've done a cool job!
Hope you like it

Awesome work. One part of me is in awe of it and other part of me can't stop laughing! XD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Cream Skribble

Trying my luck on this Skribble contest that was going on in dA in conjunction with the 11th dA Birthday celebrations. Not expecting to win much coz of the super entries out there I've seen so far, but who knows? Keeping my fingers crossed here.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

TFA 3D Dancing-DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again

My hands was itching for a little Sony Vegas time, so I decided to make this, replacing the original Japanese up-beat song to Usher's song instead. This video was an original 3D animation by these person who goes by the ID sm3927141 and sm9692889, who is prolly responsible for a lot of 3D fanvids in YouTube, one of them prolly being Alice of Human Sacrifice.

A bit of tweaking and adjusting to let the song and the video match in length, but it was fun nonetheless

Disclaimer: I do not own whatever was used to make this video.