Monday, September 26, 2005

Birthday Art for Aikou-Yami

And now, let's show you the kitchen where :iconaikou-yami: 's birthday dinner is created...

Alan: Rahman Sidek! Stop fooling around and get to work! Those steak won't cut themselves, you know?!

Aman: But this little...little she-devil! This Illust-chan is picking a fight on me!

Alan: Don't encourage her then! And Ajib!!! No eating the food! They're for the guests and :iconaikou-yami: !

Ajib: Aw, a little taste wouldn't hurt.

Alan: Bun! Don't just stand there! Get started with the cooking!

Bun: ...There is no way I'm wearing this big-ass hat...

Adul: *the only person who actually gave a damn in cooking the birthday dinner*

^^; Sorry, folks, dinner will have to be delayed...


Finally! Finally I managed to create a sort of decent oekaki!

This took me like...forever to finish this! :faint: Well, actually, technically it took me about 2 days, a day for lineart and a day for colouring. You know why it took so long? Coz again, ALL this is done with only my MOUSE (yes, MOUSE, not hand drawn, not tablet drawn, MOUSE drawn)!

Neways, since I won't be around for the time being, I've decided to finish :iconaikou-yami: 's b'day present art early. Her birthday is on the 23rd, and I was wondering what should I do to give her the best bday art when I saw my CLAMP piccie collection and saw the pose where Watanuki, Doumeki (XXXHolic), Kuro, Faye and Syaoran (Tsubasa Chronicles) and the black Mokona were pretty much wrecking havoc in the kitchen and I thought, "Hey, this would be perfect!"

So armed with my mouse and Photoshop, I tirelessly worked for 2 days to finish this drawing, using the Sidek Bros to replace the XXXHolic and TC casts and a mini chibi Illust-chan to replace Mokona. Forgive the gangly, long-limbed body structure, coz I tried to incorporate CLAMP style into my Sidek Bros ^^;

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