Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teen Titans Moments

I'm Sorry, I Lied
 I drew this because I was very, very, VERY unsatisfied with the epilogue of Teen Titans' Season 5 and I really hate the fact that Terra would just forget Beastboy after all they had been through. I have a feeling that she remembers him, but she was in denial. So in this picture, I drew her crying in the background as she watched Beastboy leave...

What Should've Been
I was very unsatisfied with one of the episodes in Season 2 of Teen Titans. Remember the part where BB and Terra were in the Ferris Wheel of the funfair and Terra was asking if BB would still be her friend even though he knew something really bad about her, then they were about to kiss when suddenly that damn fucking Slade appeared and crashed the whole scene? I was so pissed that I drew this to satisfy my fantasy. I know people rather pair BB with Raven, but BB with Terra is still my most favourite pairing.

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