Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Casts for I'm A Slave For You

I was RP-ing with :iconheaven56: to create more ammo for our next upcoming chapters while surfing the net and I read a Sixth Sense fanfic entitled "Touching the Dead" (I think that's the title).

It's pretty good actually, but the most interesting part was that at his/her author's note, she said this fanfic was like sort of a sequel to the original movie and when she was writing it, she had her casts prepared to play the role of her fanfic characters. She had a link to her homepage so I clicked on it and was amazed at how she actually went through the trouble looking for the pictures of the actors and actresses for her characters.

Soon I was inspired. I decided that if our fanfic "I'm a Slave for You" were to be made as an AU movie, I bet these are definitely the characters I want to have to act in our movie. LOL!

I actually went to Wiki to look for their real names and used Google to search for their pictures to create our character sheets. Actually there are so much more characters that I want to put inside, but I've decided that it's best I just put in the ones that actually have speaking roles or are a obvious and constant appearance in the fanfic.

So, if you wanna know what the whole story is about, go click on the sidebar that says Fanfics to find the title and while you're reading, imagine these people's faces that will appear in the fic.

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